Easy A By Nina

Olive, a teen in high school. Who try to avoid to spend a weekend with her "best friend" so she created a lie. The lie about how she got a hot date and lose her virginity. Then this lie got way out of hand.

Key actors: Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone)

Rhiannon (Aly Michalka)

Marianne (Amanda Bynes)

Woodchuck Todd(Penn Badgley)

Dill Penderghast (Stanley Tucci)

Rosermary Penderghast (Patricia Clarkson)

  1. Don't want to hanging out with her so called best friend so she lied about how she spends her weekend.
  2. The shudder- inducing and cliched, however totally false account of how she lost her virginity to a guy at a community college.
  3. Soon this lie travels all over her school
  4. Suddenly she becomes the girl that everyone talks about at school
  5. She started to enjoy the feeling about being the girl that everyone knows and talks about.
  6. Then things got way out of hand buy she starts to doing other unpopular kids favours.
  7. Then she lose her friends however her family has total trust for her and being super supportive to her. So he starts to clean herself up from all those lies.

What: how lies travels fast and it come with an significant consequences

When: high school times

Where: Ojai North High School, Ojai, US

How: teens curiosity and the eagle to being the most popular one in the whole school. 

Why:all lies started from a little small harmless lie.

  1. Lies, sometimes I will lie to my friends just to get away from them during the weekend, just to relax for a bit. Of course I like to hang out with them, but I also need some alone time. So I will tell a lie to them instead of hurt their feelings by telling the truth.
  2. I have sympathy for anybody who needs help. I would try my best to help them dog thinking about all the effers I will put and the consequences it may comes. The words is I will help those people who needs help without thinking about if I'm how to do that.
  3. I like to spend my weekend at home alone and doing something crazy maybe singing or dancing whatever that is just a little time get away from all my friends.

3 Examples

Lies comes with consequences

You don’t have to be nice to everyone

Normal is a good thing sometimes.

The film remained me of the younger me, because when I was younger, I use to wants to be the popular one, wants to help everyone. Same as Olive, I had helped one “friend” then the trouble starts..

The key character Olive (Emma Stone) played a good role. She showed how a normal teenager behave. She really gets me into this movie. Specially when she acts the part how she really spend the weekend at home, alone with her dog singing and dancing, it really gets me, cause sometimes I do those things at home. That's what made this film looks more close to real life.



The music played a good tone in this film. It's helps the audience to understand what's happening in that specific point, makes the film more easier to understand.

There is one thing I didn't get it from the film, if a friend Bhiannon, the way she treats Olive, the way she thinks about Olive... Why is Olive still think that Bhiannon is her friend. When Olive told her how she spend her weekend with a guy, she said how nice the guy is but in Bhiannon's mind is she has had sex with that guy. And when Olive denied she said Olive has the nerves to do it but don't have the nerves to tell it. In my opinion, Bhiannon just want to have the total control of Olive's life. That's not a good thing to do, even if they were best friends.

Overall I like this film! I found it so funny and it really got me thinking. I think the ideal audience are teenagers and above. It can showed teens how something that they have thinking about is normal at their age and what will the consequences be when they choose to react to the wrong one. It also can make teens parents to better understand their teens at home.

Created By
Nina Zhou


Easy A

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