Purpose of Life By: Elijah Lithgow

The purpose of life can very between people. Some peoples purpose could simply be to just be successful or be the happiest they can be. For example, my purpose is to be the best and happiest I can be around others even in the hardest of times. Though sometimes I don't show it, I try my best to make sure I can fulfill my purpose. Some people might have more complex purposes in order to be more involved in the community such as to make the world a better place and make an impact.

I chose hurdles/hurdles race as my visual because they represent an obstacle. Much like life, some people are more prepared for the race than others making it easier for them to be ahead of the game. While some people might have difficulties and in dyer situations will take the easiest route. Some hurdles are taller than others making for a more difficult obstacle. Those who are willing to take the harder way might come out with more success. Some people will make there way faster through the race and find their purpose, but sometimes its best to take your time.

Created By
Student Elijah Lithgow


Created with images by Phil Roeder - "Hurdles (Scenes from a Track Meet)"

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