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Welcome to my auto - biography. My name is Chloe and I have written a little bitv about me. I hope you enjoy. Bye for now!

I grew up in melbourne victoria Australia. I've been living here my whole life. I have a twim brother Charlie and a Sister Isabella{Issi}. I then ofcourse have my Mum{Charlotte|Char} and my Dad{Andrew|Andy}. Another massive part of my family is of course my puppy Oaky.


Here I am in Bali. This was 2014 and I and we were very excited. We were in Bali for one week with some friends and we stayed at the Padmar and then we went to Lombok which is another island in Indonesia. It took a long long time as we travelled by boat and so most of the time we were either on the roof or sleeping! In Lombok we stayed at The Sheraton in Sangigi and we stayed there for five nights. Unfortunatly I got extremely bad gastro for two - three days. We then went to Seminyak and stayed there for two nights. Which was very relaxing as we didnt do much but walk around the quiet streets, eat food, swim in the pool and sleep!My family and I love to go on holidays and relax. One of the most common places we go to is Indonesia. Not only Bali but we've been to Lombok aswell. This is a picture of me in 2014. We were on our way to let a tiny little newborn turtle into the ocean. I was so worried because as we watched them get closer to the water they kept stumbling and when they actually got to the water they werent very good swimmers and one of them nearlly drowned:(


I value friends and these are some of them from nippers! We were at a competition in Ocean Grove.

(Left to right) Bella, Mima(Jemima), Millie, Me, Kaya(Lakaya), Charmaine and Chloe


Surfing is one of my many favourite passions. I surf alot during summer and winter and enjoy it heaps. Although I do it alot surfing ids in my spare time. In thatb other time I am usually doin nippers (Life saving) I am always excited to go to training and then compete. At the back of Anglesea is where i spend most my weekends. The Farm. Riding horses in the beautiful forest and swimming in the damn full of joy and happiness.

Charlie and I

My Family

This is My Family (left to right) Me, Andy, Charlie, Char and Issi


This is Oaky! He is a Staffordshire BullTerrior. He's cuter, Its just the photo.

Dream Places

Here are some photos of the places I dream of going to!

Wailing Wall - Jerusalem

I hope you enjoyed my page. Make sure to try doing your own Adobe Spark one time! Its great fun!!


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