Staples Girls' Basketball Beats New Canaan By Chris Andrews and Jacob Kogan

The Staples girls’ basketball team had their first win of the season with a hard earned victory at home on Dec. 15 against the New Canaan Rams with a score of 48-38.

The Wreckers lock up on the defensive side of the ball.

“Since it was our second game of the season, I felt like we were still a bit nervous and scared to play,” Amanda Troelstra ’18, a top scorer, said. “In the second half we played a lot smoother and a lot more confident which helped us secure the lead and win.”

The Rams make a move to score.

In the first quarter, New Canaan was in control. The visitors led Staples in the first quarter, though both teams played well defensively.

In the second quarter, Staples took the lead as the home team had many crucial steals to put the Wreckers on top. Staples took the lead at the half 24-21.

Nicole Dienst '18 lobs the ball into the paint.

Arianna Gerig ’20 put a lot of points on the board, particularly in the second half. “I think the game was a very good learning experience for our team and showed how tough we are as a unit,” Gerig said. “We were down in the first quarter, but we were able to stay together and work hard enough to come out with the win. Everyone on the team played an important role and we won as a team. The game showed how strong our character is.”

Ellie Fair '19 rises up for three.

In the third quarter, the play was much like the first half where Staples got most of the rebounds in their offensive zone and had once again, very good defense to shut down the New Canaan offense. Staples picked up another 15 points and after three quarters, the Wreckers continued to lead the Rams.

In the last quarter, Staples put nine more points on the board. At the end of the game, New Canaan led Staples in fouls and Staples led the game to defeat the Rams 48 to 38.

Ariana Gerig '20 passes the ball looking for an open shot.

“Our defense in the 2nd half led us to victory,” coach Paco Fabian said. “We're a very deep team. Every player on varsity can contribute.”

The Wreckers’ next game, the third of the season, will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 19 in Trumbull against Saint Joseph.

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