Seema and Reed FLWR Shop proposal

To bring in all the colors desired and make this a truly colorful event without having the colors compete with each other, I'm proposing a theme of color gradation, or ombré from yellow spanning through orange and into pink, almost all the way to red but stoping at cerise.


For the ceremony we would do a very subtle gradation of color starting with yellow at the top, fading to orange and pink.

Actual Structure. We can use just the center piece.

The photo below is a pretty close example of how subtle the gradation of color will be. You can see that it's a bit lighter at the top and fades to dark pinks towards the bottom.

However, our mandap will not have flowers coming down the two front pillars. It will be concentrated to the top rung, but very full, thick and wide. Similar to the top photo, which is also the very same structure we'll be using.

The flowers we'll be using will all be brightly colored, local summer flowers. This will allow us to get the most flowers for the money, making the floral aspect of the mandap as dense and full as possible. Local summer flowers also happen to be very brightly colored and will work perfectly.
Floating flowers for the back of the mandap.
I don't even know where this would go, or if you guys like it, but I just love it and had to share! Maybe a photo station or something?


The bride's bouquet will be a big beautiful mix of bright summer flowers. All the same flowers as the rest of the wedding but with jasmine mixed in and all mixed together rather than a gradation.

The bridesmaids will be a simple mix of mainly marigold and zinnias with jasmine.


For the 4 long tables I would love to do a more dramatic gradation of color. I'm envisioning a dense gradient line running down the center of the table atop a turquoise runner.

Flowers used will be Dahlias, Zinnias, Celosia, Strawflower, Cosmos, and Marigolds.
Similar to this but spanning from yellow through orange and into dark pink, atop a turquoise table runner.

The sweetheart table could be a miniature of this, or maybe a series of small vases with a mix of all the flowers featured.

Approximate subtotal before tax and delivery: $6,830

Thank you!

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