Donner Party Tod olson

Donner Party is a book with much potential,Because is about from many families want go to other countries because where this family living now is place very bad because there is very cold where living children so there not can living this persons you children can dead by much could much snow no is very good.

Donner party is something interesting as this person can be survivor after all the that they passed when they walk from Virginia to California.
so was very sad something thing that passed in the way.

In the journey everything was very tired to everybody they walk by mountain where the snow he did not let them go on the road.

they thinking that never can reach California. they says (one says we will be buried in snow before we reach California).

I like when they arrived to California was very nice,happy, was a moment super special for each one from they because they can see your family.

I don't like something was when the children walking in the snow this road was very long, this boys can die.

I recommend this book is something very good super special.

I give it five stars.


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