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join us in Guatemala for the upcoming 2019-20 crop!


C.O.E. farm winner / Anacafe Regional farm winners / Anacafe - Rain Forrest

visit Specialty Coffee Farms 精品咖啡莊園

C.O.E. farm winner / Anacafe Regional farm winners / Anacafe - Rain Forrest
C.O.E. 獲獎莊園/瓜地馬拉咖啡協會產區得獎莊園/ 瓜地馬拉咖啡協會與林認證 / USDA有機認證

150+ direct farm relation / origin trips / experimental Wet mill / Unique varieties 與超過150座莊園直接合作 / 產區體驗之旅 / 實驗水洗處理廠 / 特殊品種

Our coffee farms network is your advantage. 我們與在地咖啡莊園緊密的合作網絡是您可取得的優勢。

We offer to our clients the widest network of farms from Guatemala. Our wide reach of farms network from Family, Friends, Neighbors and long time Partners provide us with a very wide selection of coffees. From the very Unique Daily harvest Special process Single variety Micro-Lots, as well as Awarded Coffee Farms, all the way to full containers volume of stable quality regional options.

Our network of more than 100+ farms, close collaboration with our national coffee association "Anacafe", coffee associations and cooperatives from all the regions of Guatemala. We are sure to have a coffee that meets your meets for Quality and Price.

make your Experimental coffee lot - 實驗性咖啡批次

We are passionate about discovering new exciting coffee flavors, with 7 years of experience experimenting new and alternative processing methods we push the boundaries and surpass expectations with our new experimental process coffees.


We take a scientific approach to wet mill post harvest experimentation with a strong base on scientific research, years of experience and a touch of creativity. Our current interest in on Advanced Washed, Honey and Natural process, with a combination controlled fermentation, Fruit infusion and advanced drying techniques.


(also be called: extended fermentation, double fermentation, anaerobic fermentation, carbonic maceration)

Indulge in our Sensory and quality lab. - 咖啡實驗室

We share and understand your passion for discovering the flavor potential in coffee; varieties, terroir, micro climates, and the art of the farmer to produce nuance and delicate notes that excite our senses when we discober them though the solemn process of cupping.

Our Guatemala and Taiwan labs., are integrated by talented, passionate and experiences coffee people where we utilize our internally developed STS (Samples Traceability System) where we maintain total traceability and information of all the samples received, analyzed and cupped. Our cupping protocol covers the basic SCA standards and include other key elements of quality that are valued by our clients.

In our coffee selection you can find COE and Auction level farms, Specialty single and Unique varieties, Single harvest day Nano lots, Advanced washed, Honey and natural process, Ergos Select regional coffees and High Commercial coffees to match our strict quality standards.

我們位於瓜地馬拉當地的咖啡實驗室是 ERGOS 咖啡對客戶品質信任及保證的支柱!在咖啡實驗室裡,我們採用最新的設備、完備的內部樣品追蹤系統,並且擁有完善訓練的杯測團隊,為我們的每一支咖啡的品質把關。ERGOS多元的咖啡品項,不管是競標等級咖啡、精品咖啡莊園批次、產區精選,抑或是高規格商業批次,都能符合客戶的嚴格品質標準。

Learn about our QUALITY CONTROL LAB. + Dry Mill

Ergos Coffee has a privileged position since we export and import the coffee we sell; we can test, refine, and and experiment process, controls and products in origin and test on destination effect of aging, transportation and other elements. This help us maintain the quality of the coffees from the highlands of Guatemala all the all to the way around the world to the roasting factory of our clients.

We have defined our own quality protocol, based on control points and risk management that we have developed and perfected though our many years of experience serving the most demanding high end quality coffee markets in Asia. Our S.O.P and Control Points start since we recieve the first sample of a coffee lot, following its steps to the Dry mill where the coffee is stored and dehulled, in destination when the container is received and later sampling of stored coffees in warehouse.

and Experience Guatemalan Colonial, Mayan heritage and Natural beauty

Guatemala not only offers exceptional world class coffees, but but also a very rich Mayan and Colonial heritage. We believe that coffee is not only about flavors, process and variety, but also the story behind every cup of coffee, this is the reason we would like to help our customers help arrange their cultural travel experience in Guatemala.

Some of our sugestions for you to include in your travel time to Guatemala include: day tour of Antigua Guatemala, hike the active Volcano of Pacaya or Acatenango volcano, visit or Volcanic Lake Atitlan, visit a traditional mayan market, travel to the mayan ruins in the tropical forrest of peten, and many others.

Ergos is not a travel agency, but we help our clients to make the proper arrangements with tour operator companies on their visit to Guatemala.

☕️ We take a lot of pride in our quality selection process and with our extensive farm network offering we can offer you any of this options

Unique competition coffees - participation in group cupping and bidding of Private auctions and COE competitions.

Single Estate and Single Variety - We provide a very extensive options of Estate Coffees, many of our partners are Guatemala COE winners, Regional Anacafe winners.

Experimental coffee lots - in partnership selected farmers where we apply coffee research to post harvest wet-mill to explore new the unique and bold coffee flavors. We can list as special process: extended fermentation, anaerobic fermentation, Enzymes and yeasts as well as carbonic maceration, and others...

Post Harvest alternative processing methods - we collaborate and support farmers to create non traditional Washed - Honey - Natural process

Nano and Micro lots - unique and outstanding flavors are found in small batch, single farm, single variety, single harvest day, special process

Designed Regional coffee brands - we offer very carefully curated flavor profiles for our main Guatemala coffee producing regions in a very low defect count coffee. Regional coffee brands: Margarita-Antigua, Fatima-Huehuetenango, Las Nubes-Fraijanes, Paraiso-Oriente, Quetzal-Coban.

SHB blender option - a carefully selected and blended coffee that is a combination of a clean cup with high sweetness, good body with a low defect count, all at a very accessible price.

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