A poetic, artful and moving narrative that builds to an empowering call to action. Imagery would compliment the theme of "Finding Your Voice," with scenes where students and possibly graduates are stepping out with courage in a variety of areas and using their voice either literally or metaphorically. The script could be delivered by a Saint Mary's student or a powerful voice over.


Finding your voice

The statement begs some questions

Is it lost?

Who stole it?

Perhaps it simply hasn’t been discovered yet


We’ve been investing in the finding of voices for more than 150 years

Regardless of how little or more pigment you have in your skin

Your pronoun

The part of town you grew up in

Or anything else that makes a person uniquely beautiful

Never for profit

Always for people


This foundation of philanthropy was a course set forth by our founder

And carried on by the commitment of the faithful

“Enter to learn. Leave to serve.”

We mark our gates with these words


So let us look to the future with clear eyes

Thinking critically is more critical

Integrity has never been more integral

And the need for support is greater

Not less, but more

New spaces for growth

New tools for the journey


Generous gifts have brought us to where we are today

But investment will carry us forward

By people who share the common belief

That a voice should be nurtured and cultivated

He should be put through his paces

Tested but cared for

Challenged while encouraged

And when a voice finds her courage

She should be considered equal

Not disparaged for her youth

Because she will go on to strike down lies with truth

She will whisper ideas into the ears of our grandchildren

He will breathe life into dreams

Write stories of captives set free

They will join together into a chorus

Singing a movement into motion

That will set the course of human history

And these voices will speak our very future into being



With one voice

We will make sure they’re heard

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