Portfolio by Abby Nickel

Scam Artists: A person who attempts to defraud others by presenting a fraudulent offer and pretending that it is legitimate. We have all herd of Scam artists and some of their famous scams to give up your money to them. For example; Rocks in the box where the scam artists are in the parking lot when they say "Hey do you want a $50 dollar TV?". Too good to be true right? Then the person who is getting scammed says " Sure I want a TV". Most people say that they would never get scammed but 1/4 people get scammed. So the scammer has a display and it seems legit. The scammer gives you the information of the TV and gives you a box and give you every excuse for you not to open the box until you get home. The reason why people do this trick is because there is either rocks or sand in the box to make is heavy and plausible. However by the time you look in that box when you get home you realize that you have just been scammed.

The Stock Market

The Stock Market: The market in which shares of publicly held companies are issued and traded either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets. (AKA: How to make money quickly)

Complaint Letters: I though the complain letters were really fun in all because we wrote the letters out thoroughly and professionally. I wrote my letter to Spirit airlines where I told them that there was a 3 hour delay for get my father and I to get to our hotel by taxi which was partnered with Spirit with a package deal on their website when we first got to Orlando FL. When I got my first response I was told that I they could not control the whether, but that is not what said in my complaint letter. However when my father and I were on our way from Orlando FL, we were delayed because of the thunder storm. I decided to write them back again and say that we had no problem waiting for the delay for the weather but we were delayed by getting to our hotel by taxi. I have not heard from Spirit since.

Checks and Balances: We learned how devastating and how bouncing a check is like a persons worst nightmare. However we have also learned about how to fill out a check but we have also learned how to balance out our check book with our bank statement. We have also learned how to sign our rights of a check to someone else. However, we know what to do if we lose a check.

Wants vs Needs. First of all we all need the basics food, shelter, clothing but what about the gas bill or the electricity bill. When we are young we know what we need such as the things that I just listed but how? We all want to live the lavish life style but not every body can have that life style. On a teachers salary which is $50,000 a year gets more than $10,000 away because of taxes. Lets also not forget the car payment to get to and from work. Things are expensive you really can't get though life with out owing someone something.


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