Spanish armada, Spain conquering new world,European spice trade, and African slavery in the new world cause and effect by: Ethan drak

Spanish Armada

Spain is getting very wealthy from gold and silver from minds in south america the effect would be Spain is weakening because of the war and is no longer the super power of the world. England was helping Dutch rebels attack and rob treasure coming from the Caribbean to Spain a effect would be England now has a strong navy which they can no colonize the new world and bring trading to improve economy. Spain was roman catholic and England decided to start making new rules on the religion called Protestantism the effect would be Spain ruled most of the new world and they would have won the Spanish Armada.

African slavery in the new world

slavery was brought to the south east to aid production the effect would be slave labor would allow more money for the southeast of cash craps which would help them buy more slaves and land. Native slaves lack of immunity diseases and where a poor investment and effect would be natives where getting sick and dying in groups and the slaver owners where getting no production and loosening money. cotton was discovered the effect would be more slaves were being used and prices were changing.

European spice trade

a cause for finding spices was it could be used to make perfumes season meats and it was used in medicine which made it very valuable and effect would be since spices only where on some islands the value of spices could get very high. Europeans could only get spices through Muslim trade a effect would be the Europeans and Muslims would form a monopoly. spices being discoverd everyone wanted spices a effect was it was harder to find spices

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