Kindergarten 2019-2020

I miss you all so much. With the grace of God we will be able to see all of our St. Mary's friends and family soon. I will continue to pray for all of you.
Thank you all for working so hard! We will be ready for First grade soon!!
Holy Week starts Sunday. I wish a blessed week to all of my students and their families. I pray that this week brings us closer to God as we walk along the journey that Jesus walked for us.
Isn't this amazing. This was perfect for our math topic: Personal Finance. Was the money they got a gift or earned? What skills did they need to have? They had to measure the ingredients to make the lemonade. They had to count money to give and receive change. Can you think of anything else?
I love how these friends have a great place to do their work. Sitting up at a table or desk will help with neatness.
Joseph did a great job creating a Lazarus. Lazarus was a friend to Jesus. Jesus had many friends. The bible can tell us how to be good friends and how to deal with our feelings.
I love seeing fun photos! Thanks for sharing.
Some fun while learning from home. I would love more pictures.
Wyatt understands God's tool box. I love this idea. Guess what I'll be ordering from Amazon next?
Where would you eat green eggs and ham? In a boat with a goat? Thank you Mrs. Mayberry!! We love you.
My husband and I had a great time at Casino Night. Can you say, "Flower Power"?
Look closely and you will see how minerals make up rocks.
What a beautiful table we gathered at for our St. Valentine's Day celebration. Thank you making it so memorable.
We made rain in a jar today.
Here is the sequence of procedures when making rain in a jar.
We enjoyed our first day in the SmartLab today! Exploring with shapes. A big welcome to Mrs. Cummins.
Thanks Grayson and everyone for the donations. Our Service Project will help a lot of families.
Quiz bowl was a fun activity. Even though we didn't win, we practiced good sportsmanship.
Hawaiian Day!
We wore Silly socks and silly ties to mass with our formal uniform today. We got to dance with the Saints today, too. It was so much fun!
Favorite Decade was the uniform. We also read books while resting on the floor today.
Today we started our Catholic School's week. The first day was Super hero/cartoon character day.
We had a great time celebrating the 100th day of school. We did a lot of stem activities using 100 building manipulatives. We had a 100 day snack mix, and are now proud to be 100 days smarter!!
On our first day back we celebrated The Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day.
We had a lot of fun with our Gingerbread unit.
The angles were my personal favorite part of the Christmas program.
Welcome back to Jimena! We are so happy that she is back with us. We now have 10 students in the classroom.
We celebrated the Feast of ST. Nicholas on December the 6th. We left one shoe out and heard the sleigh bells. When the bells stopped our shoes had treats in them. St. Nicholas teaches us the spirit of giving and sharing.
We started our Gingerman Unit. We are learning the comprehension strategy of comparing and contrasting. We have read The Gingerbread Boy and The Gingerbread Man Loose in School. We compared the characters, the repeated sayings and the settings. Lots more to come.
STEM day was a huge success. Thanks for your help parents. All students were successful in helping their pilgrims stay afloat.
We had a great time with Stephen Fite! His shows are always a great time, full of energy, and learning.
We learned a lot about turkeys.
In math we played some fun games with one more and one less. That is important to know when ordering numbers.
We are practicing to read. Point and follow along, please.
While reading, good readers try to remember the structure of the story. This includes the setting, characters, problem and the solution.

Oct. 28 - Nov. 1

I am so proud of these Saints. They were able to tell me who and what the saint is know for. Great job parents!!
Thank you for the great Halloween party. They all had a great time, and plenty of treats.
Another STEM activity. We build a shelter for the ghost. It was spooky!
The ventriloquist that visited our school was . He very entertaining. Who doesn't love a talking dog?
We had fun doing some STEM activities learning that the most important part of STEM is not giving up but changing the design until it works. We made a 3D Pumpkin and a Bat Cave.
We read my favorite Halloween story, The Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything. We used prompts to retell the story.
Pumpkin sprouts before they went home.

Oct. 21-28

I saw some awesome looking astronauts at STEM Night!
Fun at STEM Night!!
This week we continued learning about American symbols. Mrs. Garcia helped us to learn about our American flag and make our own rendition of the flag.
The Grayson County Children's Advocacy Center representative did a great job and teaching the students the three part safety rule: 1. Say NO! 2. Walk away 3. Tell an adult.
They are growing. We are seeing sprouts.
We learned about American Symbols this week. We played a game where we had to recognize and name the symbols. They loved it, and wanted to play again and again.
In reading we started our Word Families and discussed the strategy of Main idea for comprehension.
After the pumpkin patch we opened my pumpkin to see what was inside. We found seeds! We planted them, and placed them in the window to see if they would grow. I will let you know how it works out.
We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch.
For our final experiment with apples, we cooked applesauce in the classroom, and wrote about the process.
Here are some examples of what we wrote in our journals. We also completed our KWL chart on apples.
We conducted some fun experiments with our apples earlier in the week. We discussed sink and float, and oxidation.
In reading we did choral reading and practiced pointing as we read.
We finished our study of Creation. We had special snacks for each day. We really enjoyed these lessons.
This week we talked about the life cycle of the Apple tree.
We continued with the Story of Creation. On day two, God created the sky. We had blue jello and cool whip. I think this might have been their favorite day of creation.
Day 3, God created land. We enjoyed dirt (crushed Oreos) cups.
Day four, God created the sun, the moon, and the stars. Our treat were star shaped cheese crackers.
On day 5, God created birds and fish. We had goldfish crackers. Next week, we will learn about day 6 and 7.
We were practicing for the Patriotic Program. Thank you for your presence at our Grandparent/Patriotic celebration. It was great to see everyone.
We finished our Alphabet Boot Camp on Friday. To celebrate we received a certificate, and a bag of alphabet cookies. We also used Twizzler Ropes to form letters that were drawn from the letter jar.
On the first day of Creation, God created what? You guessed it. He created day and night.
We are quickly learning our morning routine. We know where to put our things, and how to start our morning work independently.
After morning work we get to work on learning stations.
Here are more learning stations.
Our Alphabet Boot Camp is well under way. This helps us to learn sounds. We also print the letters and make a fun hat each day.
We are also working those fine motor muscles by coloring and cutting.
Welcome to Kindergarten! We had a great first day.
We started the day working on fine motor skills.
Today we got to go upstairs! We had Spanish and met Mrs. Alvarez.
We read books about Kindergarten and made First Day Crowns.
A special thank you to HASA for the after school treat! You always make the teachers feel special.