Kindergarten 2019-2020

We learned about American Symbols this week. We played a game where we had to recognize and name the symbols. They loved it, and wanted to play again and again.
In reading we started our Word Families and discussed the strategy of Main idea for comprehension.
After the pumpkin patch we opened my pumpkin to see what was inside. We found seeds! We planted them, and placed them in the window to see if they would grow. I will let you know how it works out.
We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch.
For our final experiment with apples, we cooked applesauce in the classroom, and wrote about the process.
Here are some examples of what we wrote in our journals. We also completed our KWL chart on apples.
We conducted some fun experiments with our apples earlier in the week. We discussed sink and float, and oxidation.
In reading we did choral reading and practiced pointing as we read.
We finished our study of Creation. We had special snacks for each day. We really enjoyed these lessons.
This week we talked about the life cycle of the Apple tree.
We continued with the Story of Creation. On day two, God created the sky. We had blue jello and cool whip. I think this might have been their favorite day of creation.
Day 3, God created land. We enjoyed dirt (crushed Oreos) cups.
Day four, God created the sun, the moon, and the stars. Our treat were star shaped cheese crackers.
On day 5, God created birds and fish. We had goldfish crackers. Next week, we will learn about day 6 and 7.
We were practicing for the Patriotic Program. Thank you for your presence at our Grandparent/Patriotic celebration. It was great to see everyone.
We finished our Alphabet Boot Camp on Friday. To celebrate we received a certificate, and a bag of alphabet cookies. We also used Twizzler Ropes to form letters that were drawn from the letter jar.
On the first day of Creation, God created what? You guessed it. He created day and night.
We are quickly learning our morning routine. We know where to put our things, and how to start our morning work independently.
After morning work we get to work on learning stations.
Here are more learning stations.
Our Alphabet Boot Camp is well under way. This helps us to learn sounds. We also print the letters and make a fun hat each day.
We are also working those fine motor muscles by coloring and cutting.
Welcome to Kindergarten! We had a great first day.
We started the day working on fine motor skills.
Today we got to go upstairs! We had Spanish and met Mrs. Alvarez.
We read books about Kindergarten and made First Day Crowns.
A special thank you to HASA for the after school treat! You always make the teachers feel special.