The life of Christiana Campbell By devyn IRGANG

This tool is called an awl. The English craftsmen would use this to puncture holes into different fabrics so they can sew pieces together.
This was an exibit in the English fort teaching us how to load and shoot a rifle. Rifles were used to protect the English from the Native Americans and the Spanish.
Today I went to the blacksmith to purchase some serving utensils. I smelled burnt ashes and charcoal. Inside it looked very dirty. They sell all sorts of stuff like pots, pans, spoons, railings, and anything else you can imagine.
These are the utensils I got for the tavern. The man said to come back in three days to pick everything up.
Today I went to George With's house because I had heard about his big kitchen so I asked him if I could come over and cook something. He had very fancy equipment (silver pots, pans, spoons, forks, etc.). His kitchen was very etiquette. It had brick floors (not dirt) and 109 slaves.
This is the fire that we cook on.


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