Social Studies Lesson 4 Chapter 18 By: jonathan walden

Volcano- a mountain that may release hot or melted rocks from inside the earth.
Tsunami- a huge ocean wave caused by an undersea earthquake.
Maritime- related to the sea or seafaring.
Network- a system in which all parts are connected.
Style- a distinctive form of type of something.
Institution- a custom or practice that many people accept and use.
Statues of the Buddha line a temple in Thailand. They are dressed in orange robes, which are the traditional garb for Buddhist monks.
Many Southeast Asian states continue to share common farming and trade ideas and practice.
Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world, is a temple complex built in Cambodia. Built in the 1100's, it took nearly 40 years to complete.
Musicians from Vietnam perform traditional music using string and wind instruments.


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