'cervical cancer has changed me as a person' JENNI's Story

Jenni was diagnosed shortly after her fifth baby was born.

She had been suffering with back pain and constant bleeding in the months following the birth. She had been called for a smear test and was later diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. This is her story…

Jenni had her fifth baby in March 2013 and just felt that her body didn't feel right afterwards. She said that she didn't stop bleeding (including after intercourse) most of the time. She had also been to see her GP numerous times because she had been experiencing lower back ache, but it had just been put down to having five children.

However, Jenni knew something was wrong and persisted, eventually she was called for her smear test, which she had never previously missed and had always received normal results from, but this time she was told they had found cancer. Tests showed a 6cm tumour that had put her Cancer at stage 2b. Jenni had 4 rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, brachytherapy and we're pleased to say the resulting scans show no signs of the cancer and that Jenni is currently just about to hit the 5 year all clear mark.

Jenni's daughter started university this year to study nursing and her younger children are now happy and settled with Alexander, her 'Mummy’s Star Baby' who is now full time at school.

Jenni says that 'Life goes on after cancer and I am proof of that. Early detection of these cancers make a huge difference when curing them. Cervical cancer has changed me as a person. It was an incredibly challenging time and it’s still hard to digest what happened to me, but it’s taught me to trust my own body and my instincts and to live every day to the full. Mummy’s Star not only supported me financially at a time when money was a huge worry, but they gave me the opportunity to be a mum first and a cancer patient second. The peer-to-peer support has provided me with ladies I now consider my closest friends and without Mummy’s Star my cancer journey would’ve been even harder than it already was. I’ll be forever grateful to Mummy’s Star.'

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