Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny Critical Review by alyssa evans

The movie starts out in Kickapoo Missouri with young Jabels aka JB (played by Troy Gentile) and his family. They are a very religious family, everyone except JB that is. The family is sitting down for dinner when JB comes into the dining room with his guitar that he named Monster Mash. He beings to sing his song Kickapoo that has extremely vulgar and inappropriate language for a kid his age, (but it's hilarious). His father escorts him to his room where he beats him with a belt then sings about how rock and roll comes from hell and that he has to praise God while he lives there. After he leaves, JB prays, but not to God, to Dio the singer.

Troy Gentile was a perfect fit for this role. He literally looks like a miniature Jack Black not to mention his facial expressions are absolutely priceless.

His poster comes to life and explains what JB has to do in order to be the awesome rocker he dreams to be. Dio tells him to go to Hollywood where he will meet someone and make a band. So JB takes some money from his father's wallet and runs away where he travels from Kickapoo to every Hollywood except the one he needs to.

He finally makes it to LA where he meets Kyle Gass (aka KG) playing guitar on the boardwalk. JB immediately idolizes KG and they sings a song together called "Classico" which is one of my top three favorite songs from this movie. They also meet their biggest fan, Lee, that will show up again later. This scene is a great example of the charismatic dynamic that JB and KG have. After the song KG acts arrogant, flicking his pic in JB's face saying "they call me KG solo man 5000, and I aim to keep it that way."

JB obviously doesn't have a place to stay since he just got to Hollywood that day. He lays on a bench then gets jumped by the four guys in white. KG witnessed it, and came to his rescue (even though he really didn't do anything). He then invites JB back to his place.

KG really thinks he's all that lying about writing songs with very famous rockers and saying he's writing a solo album called “the Kyle Gass Project”. JB asks if he can audition to be the singer and KG tells him he will teach him the ways of rock. He learns about the “crotch push up” and the “power slide” (a rockers single most important stage move) then comes the “gig simulator”. At this point, JB finally finds out KG has been lying the entire time.

KG tells him he has to move back in with his parents because he already spent his last rent check. It turns out he bought JB a totally awesome customized guitar (I'm so jealous!). When JB sees his new guitar he tells KG they are going to pay the rent with their rock.

There's a really funny explanation for why they named their band “Tenacious D”. They both have birthmarks on their butts. On JB it says “tenac” and on KG it says “ious D”.

After that they go to an open mic at a bar for their first “gig” and there is another the week after with a cash prize. This is when they perform the song “the history of tenacious d”. The owner of the bar tells them they should write some new material. So they go home to write a masterpiece but unfortunately experience writer's block. They're looking at magazines of some of the most famous rock bands when KG notices they're all using the same pic. Crazy right?

So KG and JB go to a music store to look for the pic but come up empty so they ask the manager if he knows where they can find a pic like that. The manager (played by Ben Stiller) knows the whole story behind the pic. It's know as “the pic of destiny”. He tells them how the pic was created and why it's so powerful. He says they can find it in the Rock and Roll History Museum.

After finding out the truth about the pic, they begin their journey to the rock and roll history museum. They stop at the "Halfway House Cafe" where something pretty interesting happens.

This is where Jb meets "the stranger". They have a really odd conversation about the museum and the pic. It's actually pretty funny. But after this, KG and JB get into an argument and they split up. JB takes the "shoelace express" (walks) the rest of the way and Kg goes to a college party with some girls he met at the cafe.

This scene is kind of ridiculous but pretty funny at the same time. It's definitely not necessary to the plot of the movie but it adds a little comedic flare. JB finds himself in the woods eating mushrooms he found on the ground. And, well, as you can see, he kind of gets high off them. He meets Sasquatch and becomes a "baby sas" and then they go on an adventure. And of course there's a song to go with it.

After his encounter with Sasquatch, JB finally makes it to the museum. This is absolutely one of my favorite parts of this movie. He sings the song "break in city" and it is SO MUCH FUN to sing along. He literally does a kart wheel on the roof! And if the security guards hadn't been...impaired, he definitely would've gotten caught before he made it anywhere near the roof.

So somehow Kg makes his way to the museum too, and they meet up in the air vent. Now it's the search for the pic. After looking at a map they determine it will be at the top of the "guitarway to heaven".

At the top of the guitarway to heaven is the "guitar gods" exhibit. And at the very tip top of the highest guitar is the pic. Plus, there are lasers. JB uses his awesome skills to manuver his way through the lasers and deactivate them so KG can give him w lift. They do end up reaching the pic but not without getting spotted. So now it's a race to the closing gate. They barely make it through, using the power slide they had learned at the beginning.

This is a picture of them power sliding out of the museum.

The ending is CRAZY. There's a car chase and an epic rock off with the devil. But, you'll have to watch it to see how it ends! I hope you enjoy! :)

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