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Arnt Schnicker-Roesenberger

May I introduce myself? My name is Arnt Schnicker- Roesenberger, skilled IT businessman and since I can think of anything, an amateur cook. To gain the necessary professionalism in cooking I attended umpteen courses with renowned cooks.

Someday, I really lost the interest in sitting in front of a computer for hours just to get the installation done for my customers. And that's when I decided to make a profession out of my hobby. It was definitely too early to open up a new restaurant and as every cook I first wanted to gain some experience. I used to grill some sows with a butcher in the neighborhood before. Yes, you've heard right: I used to grill whole young sows on big spits!!! So I had the idea to professionalize this sow- grilling thing, to travel through our country and to sell these delicacies.

The Beginning...

was really hard. It has often brought us to our nervous and physical limit. The investment alone was not insignificant, never mind the physical pressure – the grill's heat, the big sows, the fire, the smoke, the legal provisions – till we had everything under control ….


Angela Roesenberger

And now it's my turn. I'm Angela Roesenberger, also an IT- businesswoman and I developed my knowledge of web design by working many years in an IT company, where all my customers were highly satisfied with my work. As everyone knows, a good wife has to go along with many absurd things her husband wants, but when he told me that he'd like to be a “sow- griller“ I thought he'd go completely mad.

Enjoying Great Popularity

7 years went by and we have made it to specialists in the field of grilling sows on spits. Our experience horizon became bigger and bigger, the love of detail and the focus on the always same quality has not only led us to perfection, but also to being esteemed by our customers. So it can absolutely happen that a top chef calls us for his fiftieth birthday to cook dinner for his guests or that the front man of Die Ärzte (German Rock band) encourages thousands of people to sing and scream: "Sau vom Spieß" which means sow from spit.

I myself don't like it very much being always in the centre of attention. Nevertheless, I’m always there just to feel what's going on. Besides, I’m the personnel manager, I'm taking pictures and videos for our beautiful web page and I'm always there in times of need. My core areas in this business are public relations work, marketing, web design and graphic arts. I'm completely satisfied by this job. I love it!!


We haven't promised too much … As you can see on the pictures we really grill these delicious sows above blazing beech wood fire. Our sows aren't sucking pigs at all – they are beautiful, big sows. (Sows are female pigs). On average they weigh 60 to 70 kg. With all our equipment, means a truck and a refrigerated trailer, we're travelling through Germany. You can find and try our sows on festivals, big events and other historic markets.


Culinary delight

Doesn't look that delicious? Just imagine following situation … We're going to cut off your portion right away from the spit and serve it to you in a fresh sourdough bun or on a plate with indigenous, seasonal vegetables … Mmhh! The first bite reaches your palate. Juicy, tender, savoury meat stimulates your taste bud. Then – a bite in the rind, crusty as crisps - yummy, tasty, crispy, tender!! UNIQUE – HEARTY – TASTY – INTENSIVE!



Our pig, the sow, the meat … Nothing of it is comparable with a cutlet or a roast meat from the conventional stove. Our meat tastes extremely intensive and aromatic. With its crusty rind it definitely stands out from standard commercial pork or the mainstream product: pulled pork. It provides unusual and pure taste.

Sau-saugut warm ist es

The Primordial Sow

Many hundred years ago a sow on a campfire must have tasted like this... Simply unadulterated. Without any industrial trumpery or excessive spices. Nothing pre- proved or pre- cooked. We also don't use any convector ovens (fan- assisted ovens).

The Preparation

Due to the age- old preparation the meat gets its unique taste. The beech wood fire gives the meat its special, smoky character. But also the fact that we get our sows only from small farmers shows us, at the latest above the fire, that the meat is excellent and that it will melt in our customers’ mouth.

Pork is easy- but the age- old preparation of sows is very complex, that's why just a few people want to do it.

Unsere Heimat lässt uns durchatmen und Kräfte sammeln

Our pleasure

We always feel strongly encouraged in our philosophy, discipline and love when we look at the happy faces of our customers. They're coming back to us, just to tell us how delicious it was. These are the moments worth working for and therefore we take the laborious process of preparation upon ourselves!


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Imprint & Data Protection

Imprint & Data Protection

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