Ladybird, Ladybird Dormice, Squirrels and Rabbits

This is Me

I am learning and playing well and am trying hard to follow the Golden Rules. I can work with my friends and family to solve problems and will be learning to follow instructions to create, build and learn.

I am learning to be patient, sometimes I have to wait my turn!

I will learn about Chinese New Year and join in with some of the celebrations.

The Independent Me...

...will be enjoying, “What the Ladybird Heard,” by Julia Donaldson! It tells how the quiet, little ladybird foils the robbers who are trying to steal the farmers prize cow! It is an exciting story with lots to see and talk about on every page.

...will be learning about ladybirds and different farm animals and will be acting out the story and making homes for the fine prize cow.

...will be learning these new words to help me understand and talk about the story.

...will be listening for and identifying sounds at the beginning of words.

The Inquisitive Me...

...will be watching the plants and bulbs in Nursery and around me and talk about how they are changing.

...will be learning and talking about shapes and will be spotting them around me and investigating them through play.

...will be learning these new words to help me talk about shape and space.

...will be using what I know about number to solve simple problems and talk about my ideas. Grown-ups can help me to investigate and discover things that interest me.

The Creative Me...

...will be practising drawing, holding a pencil correctly and attempting to add detail to my pictures. I will be experimenting with a range of media to make different sizes of pictures.

...will follow dances as well as moving on my own to music.

...will be listening to, copying and creating my own rhythms and will experiment with clapping, tapping and instruments.

The Healthy Me...

...will be fastening up my coat to stay warm on chilly days and asking for help if needed; following tracks and maps just like the Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len, moving fast and slow and seeing the effects it has on my heart beat.

...will be learning to use scissors correctly and other tools.

... will be trying to be polite and remember to say “please” and “thank you”

Support me...

You can help me in lots of different ways. The best way is to talk to me about my day. What new word can you teach me? What animals are in the story? Who have you said thank you to today and why?

Sharing stories is a great way to help me learn new words, think about the world around me and have fun together.

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Challenge: Can you make a Ladybird?

In our new story the little ladybird saves the day! Can you create your own Ladybird. It can be big or little, ginormous or teeny. Could you make it from bricks or playdough or paper or fabric or cake! Maybe you could use pencils or paint or minecraft!

Please share your ladybirds with us at homelearning@whitchurchinf.co.uk or tag us @NurseryWia on twitter.

Support for you...

While your child is at home it is important they stay physically active, draw and play which is how young children learn best. In Nursery we would spend most of the day exploring, investigating and learning through play with short teaching times to listen to stories and learn new things.

We will support you by putting the teaching times as MP4 videos on minimash for you and your child to watch and learn. They are only short so your child can watch them more than once during the week. There will be games on minimash too should you want your child to play them.

To help you with learning through play there will be a task mat on minimash this will have a range of games and activities you can try. They reflect the active teaching and exploring we would be doing every day as well as your child's own interest led play. When possible join your child in their play, talk to them about what they're doing and see if they can explain their thinking. This will help improve their language and thinking skills and is fun!

Keep an eye on Twitter we'll tweet things we've been doing in Nursery to give you ideas and help keep your child involved. If you have any questions please e-mail homelearning@whitchurchinf.co.uk.


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