The climate change And how it will afect in the future

What is the climate change?

It´s the change of the weather on Earth

What causes the climate change?

It is due to naturale causes and also to men´s actions

How will affect us in the future?

Itis thourght that the worse weatherwill take place between 2070 and 2100. Temperatures will raise 7 degrees in summer and 4 in winter. Only afew species will survive. the islands will be the most vulnerable area.

There could be 22 porcent less water in Spain.

Polution will increase and it will affect peoples health. People will become ill and willdie because of the hot weather and pollution in the air.

What can we do to avoid the climate change?

We can apply the 3 R: reduce, reuse, recycle. We can ask the goverment more sustaintable measures, and we can help the environment Changing some daily habits and routines.


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