Hatchet By Lizzy

The Exposition: Brian gets on a plane to visit his father in the Canadian oil fields. His pilot let Brian try to fly the plane for a minute. Brian wasn't very good at it though. During the flight to Canada, the pilot had a heart attack and died.
Rising Action 1: Since the pilot had a heart attack there was no one to fly the plane so Brian had to. Brian realized that the fuel would eventually run out and he would either crash or have to land the plane. Brian ended up landing the plane in a lake where it sank. As soon as Brian could move he started building a shelter to keep him safe.
Rising Action 2: Since Brian didn't have any food he went searching for berries. When Brian found a patch of raspberries a bear was there enjoying them as well. Brian had been picking berries when he noticed the bear. The bear did nothing, It sat there eating berries. When it saw Brian it just looked at him, and kept eating. A few minutes after the bear left Brian ran as fast as he could back to camp.
Rising Action 3: One night when Brian was sleeping in his shelter a porcupine came in. At first the porcupine didn't do anything, but then Brian threw his hatchet at the porcupine. Although Brian didn't know that the animal was a porcupine. When the hatchet hit the stone wall sparks flew everywhere and the porcupine got scared. Since the animal had gotten scared it automatically used a defense mechanism, it's needles. It took Brian a while for him to get the needles out of his leg.
Rising Action 4: Brian had been trying to catch fish for a long time. The spear always got so close to the fish, but would them miss. It turned out that the spear wasn't very close at all. Brian had remembered watching a show about how the water reflected or bent light to make the object appear differently. So brian moved the spear a bit and hit a fish for the first time. At that moment he didn't realize how much he would later grow to hate fish.
Rising Action 5: Another night in the new shelter a sound came out of nowhere. It sounded like wind, and it got louder and louder. Brian had no idea of what it was. When suddenly a tornado appeared. It completely destroyed his shelter. The tornado even took water out from the lake and made a water spout.
Climax: After the tornado, Brian noticed that it had flipped the plane and now he could see the tail. While staring at the tail he realized that the survival pack would still be in the plane. Brian built a raft to get to the plane. He was going to take it out to the plane right away, but the sun was going to go down soon. Brian took the raft out to the plane the next day and tried to find a place to enter. He couldn't though, so he had to cut a hole with his hatchet to get in.
Falling Action 1: After a few mishaps while trying to get into the plane, Brian got the survival kit. It took him a while, but he did. When he got back to shore Brian went through the kit carefully. He found food, fire supplies, and a gun. The most important thing, (although he didn't know it at the time), was a transmitter in the kit.
Falling Action 2: After Brian goes through the whole kit, he starts to make a meal. He finds a orange drink that has to add water to it for it to work. Brian drinks three of them because they tasted so good. He made a four person beef and potato dinner, with the drink for an appetizer and something called peach whip for dessert.
Falling Action 3: Finally Brian finds the transmitter. He flips the switch back and forth. At first he thinks no one hears him, and just continues with his dinner. On the transmitter no one answered him, but it really did work. A plane engine sounded from the distance. The noise surprised him at first.
Resolution: The plane landed on the edge of the water and a pilot came out. He said he heard the transmitter. The pilot realized that Brian was the kid that the rescue team gave up on months ago. When the pilot said he was here to take Brian home all Brian asked was if the pilot would like anything to eat.
Thank you for watching!


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