About Me Judith K. McHale MA, LPC

I am running for Congress because I believe in the power of a strong middle class based in the values of hard work and collaboration. I want to join with you so that together we will be the solution that stops the erosion of those values that threaten our very democracy

As your Congresswoman, I will use that spirit of determination, along with all my strength and energy to fight for and with you, Arizona, and the great country we all love. There will always be extremes, left and right, but I will use my hard-earned wisdom to reach out to both sides to end the division that has blocked our government’s ability to get things done. All of us have a role to play to bridge that gap and all of us must work together to achieve collaboration and consensus.

More than 40 years ago, I left an abusive relationship in Chicago, two small daughters in tow, $60 in my pocket, and began a new life in Arizona. As a single mother, I fought hard over the years to sustain my family, working a variety of jobs, so broke at times I picked up aluminum cans by the side of the road so my kids could have money for lunch.

Finally, I landed a position with a law firm that gave me a flex schedule so I could work full time while I returned to college, graduating in 1990, with a Master’s Degree in educational psychology. I was fortunate to be supported in my return to education through grant programs provided by a government that believed in social safety nets for its citizens who yearn to rise from poverty and transform the lives of their families.

Over the course of my years as a professional counselor I grew in the ability to listen to the people who came to me for help, not only to their words but to what was in their hearts. I learned to listen to people who want solutions to issues that confront them every day. And, in order to reach more people, I created workshops, published magazine articles, and spent hours encouraging people to heal relationships, comforting them through grief, supporting strong families and marriages, and empowering men and women to improve their lives through education. As your Congresswoman I will bring those skills of listening, healing and transformation to reach across the aisle to all political parties so we can work together to get done what you want for your lives.

One of my proudest achievements came when, at 50 years of age, I decided to backpack the Grand Canyon. I joined a go-at-your-own-pace group, learned how to minimize my load, and spent three days hiking the switchbacks.

I will never forget when back on the rim at the end of the journey, I turned around, looked back at where I’d been and how far I had come and said to myself, “If I can do this, I can do anything.”

Join me in the fight to restore our basic American values. Join me in the fight to end the culture of millionaires who have lined their pockets far too long while their policies wear away at the middle class. And join me as we fight head on to confront the major issues facing our country.

I ask for your support. Our very democracy is at stake.

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