City of Covington Weekly Report Valentine's Edition ♥ Week Ending January 31, 2021

On the cover is Electric Department team member Jeremy Kitchens, a 24+ year employee of the City. Gotta love that....almost 25 years!

Ice Skate for the Perfect Valentine's Date!

Covington on Ice, the ice rink at Legion Field, will be open on Valentine's Day from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

For schedules and pricing, select one of the buttons below.

Happy January Birthdays!

911 Team members Amanda Leon (L) and Trudy Henry (R) celebrated birthdays in January.

Employee Spotlight

Tony Cowan, Fleet Maintenance Shop Supervisor

  1. Where were you born? DeKalb County, Georgia
  2. What was your first car? CJ7 Jeep
  3. What was your last job before you worked at the city? Worked at Lewis Trucking & Grading out of Lithonia
  4. How long have you worked for the city? Going on 18 years
  5. What is your favorite part about working with the city? Working with the other City employees
  6. What is your favorite book and/or movie? Movie: John Wick
  7. Where is your ideal vacation spot? The mountains of Oklahoma
  8. What is your favorite food? Lasagna
  9. If you could have dinner with a celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? Sam Elliot
  10. Name one thing you are proud of in your life. All 5 of my children
  11. What is your hidden talent? I build RC airplanes out of Dollar Tree foam board.

Employee Clean Up

Employees have been coming in on Saturdays during the month of January to help clean up the sides of the roads. Thank you Team COV!

  • Potential economic development opportunities meeting
  • Reviewed Electric Department personnel needs
  • Meeting with UTEC contractors
  • Sewer upgrades discussion
  • Puckett Street water improvement project informational meeting
  • Council agenda/notes review
  • Cogen meeting/update
  • GPW fiber request & quote
  • Meeting with ECG
  • IDA meeting
  • Piedmont Tech advisory meeting
  • Budget preparations for FY 2021-2022
  • Plan for the next WE LEAD events

Pictured: Councilwoman Fleeta Baggett's furry family member Cash is ready for Valentine's Day and is full of love!

♥See the Airport section for Zachary's version of the story♥

City Clerk Audra Gutierrez was on vacation during the week but sent us well wishes from Ormond Beach!

  • One order to pick up bushhog
  • Four orders to turn off water
  • One order to check for water leak
  • One order to check for dirty water
  • One order to remove old fire hydrant for replacement
  • One order to change out water meter
  • One order to check water meter ERT
  • Two orders to check water meter leaks
  • One order to check low water pressure
  • Two orders to check water tank and site
  • One order to mark sewer crossing
  • One order to retrieve road signs at catch basin
  • One order to check why customer has no water
  • One order to repair 12” water main that contractor hit
  • One order to camera sewer main
  • Two orders to check sewer back ups
  • One order to camera sewer main to check for extra tap

Pictured: Anderson Grading and Pipeline repair a 12-inch water main hit by a contractor.

Cameron Rusk and Noah Thomas working on secondary in their climbing gear.
  • Three secondary pole change outs
  • Two single phase primary pole change outs
  • Eight light orders completed
  • Ten LED lights installed
  • Nine poles pulled from utility transfers
  • One permanent power installed
  • Started light installations at Three Ring Studios
  • Two emergency leak calls investigated.
  • Two check meter request completed.
  • Four rectifier inspections completed.
  • Fifteen cathodic protection readings collected and recorded.
  • Sixteen gas meters painted.
  • Two service calls completed.
  • Three new services installed and two services retired.
  • Two new regulators installed on farm tap stations and one protective cage installed.
  • Four new services were measured and locates for installs requested.
  • Ryan Zontek completed his CDL exam.
  • Mike Jewell attended virtual APGA Winter Board Meeting.
  • Mike Jewell attended GMA virtual Cities United Conference.
  • Mike Jewell attended Natural Gas Association of Georgia Board virtual board meeting.

Honda Jet @ Covington Municipal Airport

Pictures Taken by Nicholas Key

♥See the Administrative section for Maddi's version of the story♥

Total CAD Calls Received: 1,610

Total Agency Calls Generated: 1,894

Law Calls Generated: 1,366 (72.12%)

  • Covington Police Department - 437 (23.07%)
  • Covington Marshal’s Office - 0 (0.00%)
  • Newton County Animal Control - 6 (0.32%)
  • Newton County Sheriff's Office - 863 (45.56%)
  • Oxford Police Department - 21 (1.11%)
  • Porterdale Police Department - 39 (2.06%)

Fire Calls Generated: 203 (10.72%)

  • Covington Fire Department: 50 (2.64%)
  • Newton County Fire Department: 153 (8.08%)

Newton County EMS Calls Generated: 325 (17.16%)


  1. On January 25, CPD officers were notified by dispatch about a FLOCK alert for a stolen tag out of Clayton County on a newer Jeep that was black in color. Officer Joyner located the Jeep at the Shell station on Washington Street at Flat Shoals Road. The vehicle was occupied by a white female driver and a black male passenger. They both exited the vehicle and began walking into the store. Officer Joyner approached the two. The female driver stated that she received the vehicle from a male that morning at a motel room in Stockbridge. She stated the male she got the vehicle from “moves around a lot." Neither occupant had a key to the vehicle and the driver side window had been busted out and was covered with a plastic bag. The vehicle was impounded and the female driver was charged with theft by receiving.
  2. On January 25, CPD officers responded to Henderson Drive in reference to a battery. The female victim stated her children's father, Miguel Chamorro, was dropping off their son and forced his way into the house and knocked her down. The incident caused bruising. Chamorro tried to hit her again but was stopped by their child crying. He then stole a Glock 43 handgun from her bedroom and attempted to hit her again when she tried to stop him. He left the area in a black Cadillac (unknown make) with an unknown temporary plate. While Officer Barrett was on scene, the female victim received a voice message from Chamorro in which he made numerous threats. Warrants for theft by taking (felony); terroristic threats (felony); battery FVA (misdemeanor); simple assault FVA (misdemeanor); and cruelty to children 3rd degree FVA (misdemeanor) were taken.
  3. On January 28, CPD officers responded to a residence on Comstock Court in reference to a stolen auto which had just occurred. A lookout was given to the surrounding agencies and the vehicle was spotted on Hwy. 36 at Henderson’s. Newton County deputies then located the vehicle behind the store and after a short foot pursuit, Dontavious Horton was arrested for theft by taking (felony) motor vehicle.
  4. On January 28, CPD officers responded to a mutual aid call from Oxford PD to assist after a vehicle pursuit. The the suspect pulled down a dead-end street and fled on foot. Officers helped Oxford PD locate and arrest the suspect who was hiding behind a house on Emory Way.
  5. On January 29, CPD officers responded to Benchwarmers in reference to a customer refusing to pay his tab and arguing with staff and customers. The male was intoxicated and his wife came and picked him up. The tab was paid by a friend. Moments later, while officers were still in the area, the male came back to Benchwarmers and got out of his vehicle, pulled his shirt off and began arguing with staff and customers. Officers approached the male and he refused to comply with officers’ commands. He then began fighting with the officers. After backup arrived and assisted in taking the male into custody, his wife grabbed Officer Nichols and attempted to pull her off. The couple was subsequently arrested and transported to the jail.
  6. On January 29, a male attempted to take a bag of blood at a blood drive at Academy Springs. Officers spotted him and chased him on foot to Brookhaven Drive where he was apprehended. He has tried to commit the same offense at a First Baptist Church blood drive in the past. He was released to his mother and taken to Piedmont Newton to be evaluated.
  7. On January 29, CPD officers responded to the BP on Washington Street SW where a male stated his truck and trailer were stolen in Jonesboro in December along with checks that were inside the truck. A black male came into the BP to cash one of the stolen checks while wearing a grey jacket, black shirt and pants, twists in his hair and a black beard and mustache. The male used a false identification. The clerk was able to get his vehicle’s tag number which led officers and Newton County deputies to an address outside of the city limits. The male in question was identified and warrants were obtained for identity fraud, deposit account fraud, forgery in the 1st degree and theft by receiving stolen property.
  8. On January 30, CPD officers responded to an address on N. Sterling Lakes Drive for a family fight. During a heated argument, a female struck her live-in boyfriend of three years several times causing visible injuries to his face. His glasses were also broken during the fight. The incident occurred in front of their small children. The female was arrested and transported to the LEC and warrants were obtained for battery FVA, criminal trespass and cruelty to children.

Criminal InvestigatON Division

CID Sgt. Allan Seebaran examined Person Crimes and Property Crimes CID detectives worked for January 25, 2021 to January 31, 2021 and compared them with the previous two years. He found the following results:


From January 25, 2019 – January 31, 2019, there were 16 reported person crimes; from January 25, 2020 - January 31, 2020, there were ten reported person crimes; and from January 25, 2021 - January 31, 2021, there were nine reported person crimes. For this time period, the statistics were as follows:

  • There was a 37% decrease (from 16 to ten) in reported person crimes from 2019 to 2020.
  • There was a 10% decrease (from ten to nine) in reported person crimes from 2020 to 2021.
  • There was a 44% decrease (from 16 to nine) in reported person crimes from 2019 to 2021.


From January 25, 2019 – January 31, 2019, there were 30 reported property crimes; from January 25, 2020 – January 31, 2020, there were 21 reported property crimes; and from January 25, 2021 – January 31, 2021, there were 22 reported property crimes. For this time period, the statistics were as follows:

  • There was a 30% decrease (from 30 to 21) in reported property crimes from 2019 to 2020.
  • There was a 5% increase (from 21 to 22) in reported property crimes from 2020 to 2021.
  • There was a 26% decrease (from 30 to 22) in reported property crimes from 2019 to 2021.

Support Services

  1. Police officer recruits Couch, Fincher and Flowers have successfully completed Phase I of their FTO training and are currently in Phase II.
  2. One job offer was made.
  3. CPD tested one new applicant and demonstrated the new Physical Agility Test course which needs to be completed in two minutes and six seconds. The course includes the following:
  • Run around the perimeter of the course one and three-quarter times.
  • Enter the obstacle portion and jump over two 18-inch high hurdles.
  • Climb a set of stairs twice.
  • Low crawl under one hurdle that is two-feet high.
  • Jump over a simulated six-foot wide ditch.
  • Climb over a four-foot wall.
  • Climb through a four-foot high window.
  • Drag a 150-pound dummy 20 feet.
  • Finish by running around the perimeter of the course 1 1/2 times.

This obstacle PT course will replace the Cooper course which included sit-ups, pushups and a one & 1/2 mile run. The Cooper course was based on the officer’s age which determined the number of pushups and sit-ups they needed to complete in one minute, and the time required to finish the 1 1/2 mile run. During the demo, the average time it took to complete the obstacle course was one minute and 39 seconds.

Officer Pokey Daniels demonstrates the PT course


A Shift

Accident on I-20
  • Training consisted of EMS recertification, Week 5
  • Lexipol review
  • Paramedic and EMT classes for those assigned
  • Total training hours: 117.50
  • Normal apparatus and station duties
  • Bunk room carpet cleaned at Station 22
  • Bunk Room in process of sheet rock repair and painting at Station 21
  • E-21 back in service

Pictured: Randy Ross shampoos carpet in bunk area

B Shift

B Shift responding to a fire call
  • Completed Truck Day
  • Worked on EMT recertification class
  • Worked on Lexipol Tier 3 policies
  • Worked on 2021-2022 budgets
  • Completed drone fly-over of walking trail
  • Picked up E-21 from Freightliner and placed back in service
  • Took delivery of new bay exhaust system for Station 21
  • Worked on FAO Promotion Test (Sewell)
  • Training Hours: 84.2 hours

C Shift

Promotional interview skills drills including (clockwise from left) E. Wood, K. Summerville, J. Jones and M. Troutman
  • Cleaned station / COVID-19 mitigation
  • Continued Prodigy EMS Recertification Training
  • Promotional interview skills drills
  • SOG Lexipol Tier 3
  • FAO Wood and FF Troutman attended a trauma lab in Elberton, GA
  • Started HR self-evaluation documentation
  • 5188 Old Clark Street Apartment Tour-Rescheduled
  • Hazmat training
  • Apparatus operator training
  • Training hours: 167.6 hours
C Shift participating in PT and apparatus operator training


  • Compiled and submitted info for weekly report
  • Approved purchase orders and invoices in BS&A
  • Processed open records request
  • Processed times for July 2020 tech rescue calls
  • Processed times for August 2020 tech rescue calls
  • Ordered supplies

Fire Marshal

  • Completed four plan reviews
  • Completed two annual inspections
  • Completed three compliance inspections
  • Issued one burn permit
  • Issued two Certificates of Operation
  • B. Thompson preparing for Arson 1 class at GPSTC


Cover pages of the CAFR (left) and PAFR (right) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020.

Check out the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) as well as the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020 by selecting the links below.

  • Staff entered 257 invoices for payment to vendors
  • The city issued 137 checks for 262 invoices
  • Accounting department entered 46 journal entries to record transactions of the city
  • Staff sent 27 invoices to customers for miscellaneous transactions
  • The city issued 543 payroll checks for the bi-weekly employees, retirees and elected officials
  • Distributed W2s, 1099-Rs, 1099-NECs and 1099-MISCs

Customer Service

Total transactions completed by CSR's: 1,575

Utility Billing / Meter Reading

  • 4,386 bills processed
  • Billing cycles 7, 8 and finals
  • 128 work orders completed
  • 10 meter/ert change outs
  • 47 Tantalus meters changed
  • Routes read: Cycles 1, 2, 10, 9, 91
  • Meter readings read: 7,597
  • 156 Disconnects
  • 138 Reconnects


  • Total purchase orders issued – current month - 47
  • Total purchase orders issued – current budget year - 2,203

Current / Upcoming RFP's/Bids

  • Vegetative / Building Removal: Out for Bid
  • Janitorial Services: Out for bid
  • Conyers Street Gym Development: Out for bid
  • Tourism & Hospitality Board Membership Coordination: Out for bid
  • Electric Right-of-Way Clearing: Goes out for bid starting 2/7/2021
  • Conyers Street Gym Development: Goes out for bid starting 1/29/2021

Municipal Court

  1. There were virtual court sessions held.
  2. 28 new citations were processed and filed in the court.
  3. Three tickets were disposed of and closed.
  4. A total of $5,053.00 in fines and fees were collected from mail, web, probation and in-person counter payments.
  5. There were six open record requests/certified disposition requests.
  6. A total of 137 separate case files for the week were scanned into Courtware Software.
  7. The office has received 226 emails and responded to internal and external customers accordingly.
  8. 112 calls made and received to/from telephone customers.
  9. Mailed out 20+ packets with solicitor’s recommendation for entering a plea.
  10. We continue to discuss with the Judge and solicitor regarding next month’s in person court proceedings and office operations.

Pictured: Engineering Department Manager Lee Harvey is conducting an aerial survey with the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to identify potential sediment loss into the City Pond Reservoir.

Upcoming Events

Budget Meetings for FY 2021-22

Last Week's Tasks & Events

  • Setup of HR Library: City-wide flyer sent to all employees
  • Responded to water main damage at Hwy. 278/Emory Street
  • INTERVIEWS: Gas Equipment Operator
  • Met with employees that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (FMLA paperwork)
  • PROMOTION INTERVIEWS: Water Reclamation Operations Supervisor
  • Ordered and received 2,000 face masks for employees
  • Zoom call with TASC to establish the work flow of our HRA (Health Reimbursement Account) for retirees
  • Met with two employees to go over pending retirements
  • Mediated personnel issues
  • Brainstorming ideas with City Manager and Asst. City Manager about rising COVID-19 cases
  • Job offers and on-boarding of new employees
  • Posting of vacant positions
  • Processed two new retirement benefits
  • Assisted with theft of services case within the City

Ongoing Events

  • Providing quality customer care to our employees and retirees
  • Compiled paperwork on wrecked city vehicles for insurance purposes
  • Assisted the Accreditation Team with compiling required data
  • Preparing submission for the Weekly Report
  • Administrating retirement services for retiree benefits
  • Scanning of HR files
  • Monitoring the coronavirus pandemic and listening to professionals about proper return to work protocols
  • Handling FMLA, Worker’s Compensation & COVID-19 claims
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews for vacant position and compiling appropriate documents
  • Auditing all employee benefits: invoicing accuracy, vendor satisfaction, etc.
  • Posting new positions as vacancies arise
  • Prepared job offers for new hires and promoted employees
  • Reviewing NovaTime for timekeeping abnormalities
  • Job descriptions review with open positions

Current Job Postings

  • Meter Reader
  • Police Officer
  • Gas Equipment Operator
  • Electric Lineman
  • Began working on monthly January numbers for state submission
  • Met with Newton County IDA office for stock video footage of Welcome Center for recruitment purposes
  • Set up meeting/tour with Welcome Center neighbor to view new Center and give overview of plan for building
  • Concrete pads added to entry of Welcome Center to enhance façade and assist with photo opportunities
  • Confirmed filming/marketing of Welcome Center in Newton magazine (focus on Heat of the Night)
Community Development team members Todd Adams and John Terrell (left top) and Rodney Powell (right top) install cornhole boards at the Welcome Center and then test them out!
  • Reviewed RFPs for Central Park Master Plan
  • Reviewed landscaping needs for Cricket Frog Trail
  • Reviewed drone flyover for Cricket Frog Trail
  • Approved paving invoice for Cricket Frog Trail
  • Reviewed and approved bid for construction of the Dried Indian Creek trestle bridge
  • Met with developer to review plans for redevelopment in the city’s Urban Redevelopment Area
  • Began work on expanding the Covington Central Park north parking area
  • Updated website and social media
  • Installed new items at the Welcome Center including cornhole boards
  • Created Weekly Report for week ending January 24, 2021
  • Work continued on Central Park steps to playground (pictured below)
Central Park steps


The latest COVID-19 case information as of Friday, February 5, 2021:


  • 105,048,430 cases
  • 2,288,655 deaths (2.18% crude case fatality rate)

United States

  • 26,691,738 cases
  • 456,295 deaths (1.71% crude case fatality rate)


  • 928,070 cases (confirmed PCR tests plus antigen or rapid positive tests)
  • 13,048 deaths (1.71% crude case fatality rate)

Newton County

  • 8,554 cases (confirmed PCR tests plus antigen or rapid positive tests)
  • 161 deaths (2.52% crude case fatality rate)
  • 14-day Case Rate: 1,001/100,000 population (for PCR and Ag+) while last week this was 1,071/100,000
  • The 14-day positivity is 15.6% and last week it was 18.3%
  • School-age data shows all age categories in high range and all are decreasing compared from the previous week.
  • The age group with the largest case rate remains in the adult population age 23+

The GNR Health Department has administered over 25,000 vaccines since a month ago, 14% of which are second doses. Each week the second dose percentage will increase.

They are currently vaccinating for Newton and Rockdale Counties at the Rockdale Career Academy and operate by appointment only Monday through Saturday.

The State to date has administered 1,073,482 vaccines and over 1/3 of those have been administered by public health. Over 500,000 of those have been given to our elderly population, 65 and older.

We are still administering vaccine within Phase 1a. It is uncertain when Phase 1b will be announced.


♦ Wear a mask in public

♦ Social distance including stay at least 6-feet apart from individuals

♦ Wash your hands

♦ Do not go out if sick

♥To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance. -Oscar Wilde ♥
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