Cattle Farming By: Neeraj


Cattle farming is the process of raising cows from birth in till they can produce milk and meat for consumptions. The cows are usually raised in the big group of cows in big fields . This is how most of the world gets their milk and beef from cows and this a big industry in Canada.

Cattle Farming has a lot of cows all toghter in one open space

Cattle Farming in Canada

85% of cattle farming is occurring in the western provinces and half of that is happening in Alberta alone. Also Cattle farms make a one quarter of all farms in Canada is Second only to field crops. There is history to why cattle farm is big in Canada, Its that in the 17 century the French brought cows with them to use as trade in the fur trade time period as the expansion of Canada happened the cows came. When areas for good land to raise them was found such as Alberta the farmers setup .

First few cattle farms in Canada.


Cows have two resources that we need those are milk they produce and meat . First one is the milk. The of milking act of removing milk from the mammary glands of cattle and can be down by hand or how it's down mostly today around the world is by machine this also provides more milk in return and is a bit more safer. The milk is mostly used for drinking pruposes but can also be turned many other things such as cheese, yogurt, butter and other things milk now is big part a lot of foods we eat.

Meat is also as import as milk but the exraction beef is after the cow has been slaughtered. There six stages to a raise a cow.

  1. Beef production begins with ranchers who maintain a breeding herd of cows that nurture calves every year. When a calf is born, it weighs 60 to 100 pounds. Over the next few months, each calf will live off its mother’s milk and graze grass in pasture.


Some reasons the cattle farming industry is important to our economy is because it makes up about 15% of farm income profits across Canada and is raising about 4 million beef cattle which in return is supplying about 2.2 million Canadians in the agricultural business.

Cons of cattle farming for economy

One reason that the cattle farming industry is having problems are the expenses that the farmers have to pay for the food, medical supplies, equipment and storage facilities. A way that this problem could be fixed is buy supplying the farmers with the medical supplies that they need for their cattle for free from the taxes paid buy the citizens of Canada.


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