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What is Maker Education?

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Curriculum Oriented Makerspace Projects



English Language Arts

ELA / History

Courtesy of Getting Smarter: http://www.gettingsmart.com/2015/06/your-students-can-be-makers-16-projects-invented-by-teachers/


Elements of a Good Maker Project (Martinez & Stager, 2013)

Which of the Following Elements Resonates most?

  • Beautiful
  • Thoughtful
  • Personally meaningful
  • Sophisticated
  • Sharable with a respect for the audience
  • Moving
  • Enduring

Student Products

Consider the following questions and share your thoughts with a peer:

  1. What products or services have your students created this year?
  2. How have student products been used after they have been created?
  3. What processes are in place for students to brainstorm ideas and receive feedback to improve them?
  4. What processes are in place for students to receive feedback on products and improve them?
  5. What opportunities do students have to collaborate with experts outside of school?

Brain Writing Exercise

  1. 10 mins: Using stickies, work with a partner to generate as many content-relevant Makerspace ideas as you can. You can use the Internet to generate ideas. Share your ideas with your partner as you write.
  2. 2 mins: Stick your sticky notes on the chart paper provided.
  3. 10-15 mins: Walk around the room and read your colleagues ideas. Add at least one additional stick to each person's chart paper.
  4. Create the four-quadrant chart below on your personal chart paper. Rank your stickies in the most appropriate quadrant.

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