Machine Gun The weapon that helped us become us

The first fully automatic machine gun was made in the 1500s.
This is the first Gatling gun that was used in the Civil War.
This is American Richard Gatling the inventor of the first Gatling gun. The Gatling gun is called the Gatling gun because of his last name Gatling.
This is one of the first Gatling guns. The military would use these by cranking the lever on the back to make the Gatling gun spin so it would shoot out multiple bullets at a time.
The Europeans used these more often than their other guns since they were more powerful and could shoot faster.
The Gatling gun impacted the level of technology by a lot by being able to shoot multiple bully's at a time it was the new and improved MVP of weapons.
Did you know that Richard Gatling had actually hoped that the tremendous power of his new weapon would discourage large scale battles and show the folly of war? Gatling guns played a massive roll in the wars of the Americas.


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