METH By Emma Werner and isabel rumpf

Table of Contents

  • History of Meth
  • Ingredients in Meth
  • How to use Meth
  • Effects of using Meth
  • Stages of using Meth
  • Treatment
  • Glossary
  • Works Cited

History of Meth

Methamphetamine was first created in Japan in 1919. During World War II, meth was used by both sides to keep troops awake. Kamikaze pilots would be given high doses of the drug before their suicide missions.
In the 1950s Meth was used to fight depression and as a way to lose weight. In the 1960s it became even easier to get a hold of the drug and abuse of it worsened.
In the 1970s the United States government made meth illegal in most uses (5).

Ingredients in Meth

Meth is a synthetic, or man-made, drug. It is made from battery acid,

drain cleaner,

lantern fuel,

and anti-freeze. These are fairly easy materials to get a hold of, the dangerous part is actually cooking the meth (5).

How to use Meth

Meth can be snorted, smoked, taken orally, or injected (5).

Effects of using Meth

Short Term: increase in body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure; loss of hair; seeing, hearing, or feeling things that aren't there

Long Term: rotting of teeth and gums "meth mouth"; weight loss, loss of muscle tissue and bone density; heart attack or stroke (4)

Meth ruins relationships. Once people become addicted to meth they will do anything to get their next fix. They will sell their bodies for meth. Meth addicts will also lie and steal from those closest to them. Meth addicts don't care if they hurt themselves or others, as long as they get their next fix (4).

Stages of using Meth

  • The Rush - The heart races, metabolism, blood pressure, and pulse increase dramatically. The rush can last for up to thirty minutes.
  • The High - Sometimes called "the shoulder". During this time the meth user feels much smarter and begins to argue. During the high the meth user may become focused on an insignificant item. The high can last four to sixteen hours.
  • The Binge - Uncontrolled use of meth. This can last anywhere from three to fifteen days. During the binge the rush and high become smaller and smaller until they are no longer experienced.
  • Tweaking - This is when the rush and the high are no longer experienced. At this point the meth user becomes extremely dangerous. They live in their own world, they see and hear things that no one else can and are completely disconnected from reality.
  • The Crash - This is when the bod completely shuts down. During this time the meth user usually sleeps for long periods of time. This can last for one to three days.
  • Meth Hangover - AT this point the user in a disoriented state. They are starved, dehydrated, and exhausted. The only thing that makes them feel better is another fix. The hangover usually lasts two to fourteen days.
  • Withdrawal - Once the user stops using the drug they enter a state of withdrawal, where they lose energy and enter a state of depression. Meth withdrawal in incredibly painful and difficult therefore 93% of users receiving treatment turn back to using meth (5).


  • Aid in Recovery - 1(877)-750-9526 (1)
  • St. Judes Retreats - (877)-351-0731 (2)
  • Acadiana Addiction Center - (877)-672-6779 (3)


  • Methamphetamine: illegal drug classified as a Designer/Club drug
  • Street Names for Meth: Brown, Chalk, Crank, Chicken Feed, Cinnamon, Fast, Getgo, Redneck Cocaine, Speed, Tick Tick, Tweak
  • Designer/Club Drug: Psychoactive drug that tends to be abused by teens and young adults
  • Crystal Meth: white crystalline form of meth
  • Street Names for Crystal Meth: Blade, Crystal, Crystal Glass, Glass, Hot Ice, Ice, Quartz, Stovetop, Tina
  • Meth Mouth: term used to describe the rotting of teeth and gums due to meth

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