Ice cream 10 facts aboUt ice cream

Fact #1

Ice cream in France is relatively smaller than the ice cream sold in America.

Ice cream in france

Fact #2

There are millions of different ice cream flavors in our world today with many more everyday.

Fact #3

The worlds tallest ice cream cone was made in Italy. It was over 9 feet tall!

Fact #4

Chocolate syrup is the worlds most popular ice cream topping

Fact #5

July is now declared national ice cream month

Fact #6

87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer in every month, at any given time

Fact #7

California produces the most ice cream in the USA

Fact #8

A cow gives enough milk to make 730 gallons of ice cream per year. That resembles to about 2 gallons per day!

Fact #9

The perfect temperature for serving ice cream is on average about 6-10 degrees fahrenheit.

Fact #10

A 'brain freeze' is a result of the ice cream touching the roof of your mouth

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