Charles Babbage father of computing

Charles Babbage (alive 1791-1871) was a famous inventor and mathematician. He invented analytical engines and difference engines. As a child, Babbage taught himself algebra and thoroughly enjoyed it. When he enrolled to Trinity College in Cambridge, Charles found that he was vastly superior in knowledge to his tutors. He became a mathematician in his twenties and soon became an inventor, conceiving the difference engine.

DIfference Engine

The difference engine is a calculator that uses repeated addition to compute arithmetic.

Charles Babbage established the Analytical Society in 1812 with some of his peers and friends. Charles was a member of a few other clubs too. When his father and wife died, Charles Babbage began traveling rabidly. Babbage was hired to teach at Cambridge while traveling abroad. The first working prototype of his difference engine was built only in 1991 from plans that were left behind by him.

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