Time Management

This is how I keep up with everything I have to do for that month. I like to write the assignments that are one the syllabus on to my monthly agenda.
This is my weekly agenda. I write down all the things I have to do this week and when they are due. I have done this ever since I was in middle school and it has helped a lot. It keeps me on top of my school and helps me get good grades on homework.
This is another weekly planner that we got in class. I thought I would not like using this but it is helpful to see everything planned out and what time I need to do something. Sometimes it is hard to follow it fully, but it is very good to have this to try to go by.

Journal: First Day

I followed my plan as best as I could the first day. I had some last minute meetings with some professors that were not planned, but other than that I followed it pretty good. It is really hard to plan out your days sometimes because it can change a lot. I went to bed a lot later than usual because I was hanging out with friends when I should have been studying, but I will try to go to bed earlier the next day.

Journal: Second Day

Tuesdays are always my busy days. I usually do not have any room to not follow my scheduled because it is so busy. I went to another small group which was not planned but it was good to go. I got to bed at a better time this night so that was good. I also got a lot of my school work done so it was a productive day.

Journal: Third Day

After my first class I studied which went a long with my plan. I got a lot of work done during this time so I did not have to do any work tonight. I finally got to play tennis again which also went along with my plan. It was good to get out and exercise because I finished all my homework. I also got to sleep really early that night so I was rested up for my busy Thursday!

Journal: Fourth Day

Today I also went along with my schedule pretty good because Thursday I do not have a lot of time to do anything else. I got to hangout with some friends for an hour but I had a lot of studying to do so I studied from 6:00-11:00. It was a goof day since I got a lot of work done and I got to see some friends!

Evaluate and Revise:

This is day one and two of the four days.

Time Spent In Each Quadrant:

This is day three and four of the four days.
I started doing this after this experiment because it helps me see all I have to do in that month. I am a very visual person it lets me see everything. It also lets me erase really easy if something get canceled.

Overall, I did follow my plan but I now know it is really hard to plan your day step by step because it can change all the time. I am proud of myself for following it this close and I know now what I can work on to improve my scheduling skills.


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