Our washington D.C. Vacation By The Genealogy Kids

Thanks to Aunt Susan & Uncle Mike's wedding, our family got to travel across the country to visit Washington D.C.

We stayed for a whole week and took in as many Smithsonian museums as we could handle. We stuck to the most kid-friendly museums, including American History, Natural History, and Air & Space.

We also went to the Smithsonian Zoo, which was the little boys’ favorite.

Air & Space was especially fun. Besides the fact that they have a massive McDonalds for lunch, the exhibits were amazing. It was pretty cool to see the original Wright brothers’ plane!

And touch a piece of the moon!

There were many hands-on kids exhibits.

And some pretty big airplanes and rockets!

A major highlight was the gem & mineral exhibit in Natural History … these kids must have some of their father’s geologist blood in them!

And the American History Museum is a treasure! We loved the transportation exhibit with old cars and train engines, the giant Lego Statue of Liberty, the original Star Spangled Banner, and most of all, the kid invention lab and play area.

Walking around museums and taking in so much information all at once can be exhausting. So, we spent plenty of time on the beautiful grounds, throwing frisbees, flying kites, and eating peanut butter M&Ms.

We also enjoyed a LONG family walk through the monuments. We’re blessed to be Americans, and we’re grateful for the opportunity visit these sites!

What a beautiful part of our country to visit!

See you next time, D.C.!