From La Costa Alegre to the West Coast: A BRIEF (HER)STORY ABOUT THE BECERRA FAMILY

Fidela Perez Ramos was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on April 4th 1940

Her father Juan Jose Perez took her from her mother at age five and brought her to live with her grandmother Adelina De La Torre in Mexico D.F. in 1945.

Juan Jose Perez


Monday through Fridays she lived with Adelina in the most emblematic and infamous house in Coyoacan, Mexico. It was none other than the Casa Azul of painters Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Adelina was the Ama de Llaves.

¿Para qué quiero pies, si tengo alas para volar?
Adelina sitting on the right of Frida
Ricardo Becerra Perez, writes in his book Ojos que te ven partir: Fidela, 1940-2005 “Efectivamente, sus alas le habían, por fin, permitido alzar el vuelo más allá de las tribulaciones de este desgraciado mundo”

Frida Kahlo passed away on July 13, 1954. Soon after Diego shared his plans to move out of the Casa Azul. It was then that he gifted Adelina a Kenmore sewing machine that they had purchased during their stay in New York City while Diego painted the mural inside the Empire State building. It was that machine who gave life to this story. That machine allowed Frida to sew her iconic clothing and share her style with the world. I feel so honored to know that in a minuscule way the Becerra family was part of their life and Mexican art history. The sewing machine remained in their possession until my great grandfather’s death. Its current whereabouts are unknown.

Lic. Arquimedes y Dr. Ricardo

Upon Frida’s death, they followed my great grandfather to Tepic Nayarit in August 1954. My grandmother met and married my grandfather Juan Francisco Becerra Villegas.

Last photo taken of all three together

My grandfather Francisco suffered a premature death in 1990 at age 54 just a few months before I was born. He owned 62 acres of fertile land in what is known as the Costa Alegre near Las Varas, Nayarit. The whole family tended to the land planting tobacco, beans, pineapples, plantains, and mangos. Their income allowed for their ten children to receive a university degree.

My search for more...

Women's stories in my family have not received the honor they deserve. Both my grandmother and great great great granmother took the details of their time with Frida and Diego to the grave. Their family did not believe these stories to be true until the photos were uncovered. In my search for learning more about the women in my family I have come across these photos which I am determined to know who they are.


Becerra Perez 2017

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