Why does the weather change? By Halle st. Martin

~Changes in Weather~

~Changes in weather are caused by the changing interactions of water, air, and temperature in our environment.

~Areas at higher altitudes are colder than areas at lower altitudes.

~The sun is earth's most important energy source.

~Even though there is a wide variety of temperatures in different areas on earth, the temperatures have to remain stable enough for living people, living animals, and all living things to survive.

~All humans have their own ways to adapt to the temperatures and environments that they experience and live in.


~Lightning is created by electricity clouds, and it heats the air around it.

~Light travels faster than sound, which is why we see lightning before we hear thunder.

~Storms occur when air masses collide with eachother.

~Tornadoes happen when warm, moist air quickly rises towards cool air.

~Hurricanes start out as tropical storms, then the wind speeds up to create a hurricane.

~Blizzards are created by wind picking up snow from the ground.

~Fun Facts~

☀️ ~The sun gives 4 trillion kilowatt hours to the earth every single day!

🌵~Deserts around the world can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and can plunge to below 0 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

🌪~Tornadoes usually happen during the seasons of spring and summer in the United States.

⚡️~Lightning strikes on earth 8,640,000 times every day!


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