Kiera Mae Richard about me!!!

I love my parents so much!!!!!!!

This was my first horse, her name is Candice. i love her so much but i cant ride her because she is lame for a while.

This is my jumper, Bentley. We do cross country and jumpers.

This is Cash, he's my baby. He turned 5 march 31, i love him even though he is a booger

This is not my horse but Rumor is my trainer's horse. I ride him in shows and I keep him exercised.

Yea, Ouch! This has happen to me but, I'm fine.

I played soccer in 7th grade for my first yea and I was #13

I love mt sibling very much, even if there crazy like me but we love each other and we always will!

I really want an Almelon Cornsnake this is not one of them but still.

This is what I do! i do jumpers, not quite this high though.

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