Demeter Created by Savannah Maier

Demeter was goddess of the harvest and had a daughter she was very fond of named Persephone. One day as Persephone was smelling flowers when her uncle Hades saw her. He thought she was beautiful so he captured her and took her to rule the underworld as queen with him. Demeter was so depressed in her daughter's absence that she stopped caring for the crops. The world was plunged into Winter. Zeus seeing this demanded that Persephone be returned to Demeter. However since Persephone had eaten while in the underworld she was Hades to have. An agreement was made so that Persephone could be with her mother for six months out of the year while the other six she was to remain as queen with Hades. During the six months Persephone was with Hades it was Winter, cold and barren. When with her mother the season was Spring, vibrant and full of life.

Character Traits of Demeter:

1.) Loyalty, "Every spring, Demeter makes sure flowers are blooming and crops are growing and the fields are green with welcome. Every fall, when Persephone returns to the underworld, Demeter ignores the crops and flowers and lets them die" ( Demeter is loyal to the seasons and her daughter.

2.) Selfishness, "Demeter... did not care if the crops died. She did not care about anything except for finding her daughter" ( Demeter was selfish because she disregarded the people and animals that survived off of crops.

3.) Gloomy, "the half year that Persephone spends in the Underworld as Hades' queen coincides with the barren season" ( Demeter was gloomy because she was so depressed that she made the world feel her pain too.

Greek Values: Based on this story the Greeks most likely believed in keeping the consequences of the law no matter who it concerned. "Her [Demeter's] daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades to be his wife in the underworld... Zeus, alarmed for the barren earth, sought for Persephone's return. However because she had eaten while in the underworld. Hades laid claim on her" (

Discussion Statement: Demeter is irresponsible and careless. She completely disregarded the mortals that rely on her for food. Plus whenever her daughter leaves she plunges the world in her own self pity.

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