Memories from India

India may be the most fasinating country in the world. This was not Beth's first choice of countries to see. In fact, she didn't want to go at all. Within the first few days of our travels, however, Beth became enamored with all that India offered. Our senses became overloaded as we stepped off the plane. The sights, sounds, smells, colors crowds and cows seemed overwhelming at first but soon we realized that is what makes the country so special. Our return, at some point, is inevitable!

The chaotic streets of New Delhi were a challenge but fun to walk. Talk about sensory overload! WOW!

One time our driver Mr Singh was accused of hitting one of the cows with his van. The locals were not pleased and an argument ensued. Alka our guide intervened and all was well.

The Pushkar Camel Festival is where the people of Rajasthan come to buy, sell and trade camels and horses. They travel many miles for this festival.There are shows and races with the animals. There is a mustache contest also... great mustaches.

Some work hard, some not so much

The children of India.

This beautiful well attired girl is collecting dung to use as fuel. As in many countries children here work very hard. Lots of difficult labor and lots of selling to the tourists. Boy, could some of them sure sell. Many of the children can speak more than 3 languages. This is to be able to hawk their wares. All the children work for their families.

Camp Manwar, Thar desert

Same picture but I painted with PS.

Beggars in the street together. We were told here that they probably were not allowed to keep what they collected. A boss took what they got.


While walking the streets in town of Gajner this little girl (in the red shirt below) came up to me and insisted I come to her home. I tried to say no but she was insistent. When her older sister came to the door of the family house and also invited me in I went. Warm and friendly they proudly showed us their home. They also showed us how to make bread and decorated the girls with henna.

Taj Mahal. The classic picture of Indias most famous landmark. To get the picture without people you would have to be there on a day when it would be closed.

In the pictures below notice the intricate work done on this building. The pictures, however, do not do it justice.

As we were walking through the Taj Mahal, a group of girls became enamored with Beth and asked for a picture to be taken with her.

Trucks of India are decorated on all sides.
The Sikh temple and its guards.

We learned about Sikhism and what a wonderful religion it is. The temple has many feedings daily and all the cooks and servers are volunteers. The women are treated as equals.

Rajasthan is just one of 29 states. Talk about diversity. We will be back!

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