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The Intro

Glass Cleaning

Why Does Glass Smear?

  • Dirty cloth/towel, or the towel is not dry enough.
  • Heavy build up of dirt on the glass, which is not fully removed.
  • Poor quality glass cleaner.
  • Cleaning the glass in direct sunlight.

So how can I stop this from happening?

The Method

Use a good quality glass cleaner and we recommend using the two towel technique(detailed below) to ensure a streak free finish.

Spray the glass cleaner directly onto the glass surface or a clean towel. Wipe thoroughly, winding down the window to ensure you clean the whole window, then use the 2 cloth method to wipe over the entire window. ( Two cloth method – is where you use one cloth to clean and one to dry ).Take care to ensure you remove all residue to ensure a streak free finish.

This method should be used on both exterior glass and interior glass and mirrors.

Tips for Exterior Glass Cleaning.

Dead bugs on windows and screens can be extremely difficult to remove. One technique we find that works well and is really effective is to use clay( this can easily be incorporated into your regular car washing schedule.) As you are using a clay you will need some sort of lubricant, in most cases, if you are using a lubricant shampoo this will be fine, otherwise, a ‘quick detailer’ will be a good alternative. Wash the car as normal, apply some of the lubricating shampoo, or ‘quick detailer' to the glass, use the clay to help remove any bugs, rinse and dry the glass as normal.

Claying the glass is a good idea, as it removes any contaminants, which will help to ensure the glass looks even cleaner.

Waffle weave microfiber towels are a perfect choice for cleaning glass. It is important that these are kept separate from other towels to minimize them becoming contaminated with waxes/other products which will result in a smearing on the glass.

Using absorbent paper or blue roll isn’t recommended as it can leave lint behind, resulting in an extremely unprofessional finish.


Polishing is another method that can be used on both interior and exterior glass. Polishing the glass is a good idea when the glass is very soiled. It helps to clean much deeper into the glass than any spray cleaner, resulting in a near perfect appearance.

Sealing / Protecting

Should you find anything we have missed, or you have any questions please get in contact with us

Your glass should be nice and clean now. we hope you found this guide helpful.

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