Co-op Review Weight 2 Lose

Job Description:

While having the opportunity to work at Weight 2 Lose my job was to assist patients with motivation, advice and practical plans to lose weight, as well as file, take patients weight and blood pressure, book appointments and call patients regarding missed appointments and upcoming ones.

Tips and Tricks:

Working at Weight 2 lose was a very pleasant experience. Coming into the placement i had to learn how to use a program called "KLEENEX" which was a scheduling and billing program in order to understand how to work the program i had to make sure that that i always had a pen and paper by my side to take notes and listen to everything my supervisor said. If thinking about working at this placement make sure to have a positive attitude in the work environment because you are dealing with patients who are depressed because their weight is bringing them down.

Challenge i overcame:

A challenge i faced at weight 2 lose was having to deal with patients who were not always happy with their results. its difficult when you see patients coming in within a time frame where you cannot lose as much weight as you hoped. However having a positive attitude towards the patients and helping them out is what helped me with that challenge. you don't understand what the patient is going through and i was able to cheer them up, motivate and help them out with any challenges they needed to overcome as i was overcoming my challenge.

Overall Impression:

My overall impression of my Co-op placement was amazing. I am so glad i did my placement there because i learned so much from my supervisor Peter and Skarlett and will definitely consider coming back to weight 2 lose for a job in the near future.

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