The Ones Who Got Away By: Mike eliopoulos

It was a sunny day in cook county and all the citizens were enjoying the weather except for a couple people. There names were Julian, Ricky and Jimmy and they were stuck in the cook county jail. Ricky and Julian got in because they robbed a girl at gunpoint. They also stole some diamonds form the jewelry store.The jail cell smelled like meat, the floors were dusty and they were miserable. Well, Jimmy was on duty so it wasn't that bad for him.

It was almost always boring there and not much action had been going on but Ricky and Julian were going to change that.

It was 10:42 am and Ricky had enough of all this jail business.

“Hey Julian, I know we both have a couple years left on our sentences so do you want to try to escape?”

“I don't know man” said Julian. “We might get caught.”

“Who cares? Even if we do we can just try again.”

“Alright I guess we can try” shrugged Julian.

“Tomorrow we will make are plan during breakfast” Ricky explained.

It was 9:47 in the morning and Ricky and Julian were discussing their plan.

“Alright Julian here's what I was thinking. So you are going to distract Jimmy by a game of Rock Paper Scissors or something like that. Meanwhile I'll be very careful and just take his keys. Just like that we are out” Ricky explained.

“Alright I like that” Julian explained.

So breakfast ended they did their chores and went back to their cell.

“Alright it's go time” Ricky confirmed.

Julian approached Jimmy.

“Hey Jimmy, I'll take $10 out of my account and give it to you if you beat me in Rock Paper Scissors. But if I win you have to me you eggs tomorrow morning.”


So they started playing Rock Paper Scissors and Ricky made his way up the bars. He reached his hand through and grabbed the key to unlock the cell. Now he pulled the key back in and put in the back. He jerked his arm back and the key got caught on one of the bars and dropped to the floor. He quickly went to the back of the cell and just waited for the game to be over.

“Ricky I won!”

“I didn't.. I uh kinda dropped the key.”

“You wha..

“GENTLEMAN!! Why are my keys on the floor. I am reporting you to head office Tom. Both of your sentences are extended but I don’t know how long.”

“Alright your sentences are both extended a year. You violated rule 5. You two attempted to break free.”

“Thanks a lot man” exclaimed Julian.

“No problem” Ricky said.

“Well now we got to come up with another plan and I am making it this time” Julian said.

“OK” Ricky agreed.

So it was the next morning at breakfast and Julian didn't get his eggs because they got caught.

“Come here Ricky I thought of a plan. So I was thinking, if we used our accounts to buy cans of coke or some other drink we can rip them and use the can to pick the lock.”

“That's a great idea Julian” Ricky agreed.

So that lunch Julian walked up to the officer and said, “I would like to use the money in my account to buy one can of coke” explained Julian.

“Sorry Julian you don't have enough money in your account you are a couple dollars shy” the officer said.

“Is there anything I can do to to make some money?”

“Well you could mop the floors for a week then I'll give you the money for that coke.”

“Alright thanks” Julian said.

So Julian and Ricky waited for that week to be over so Julian can get the can of coke. It was go time and on Saturday afternoon during lunch Julian walked up and said “I would like to buy that coke.”

The officer handed him the coke and asked, “What is your account number?”

“187564” said Julian.

Then, Ricky and Julian sat down ate their lunch and kept planning out the whole thing. After Julian finished his coke he put the can in his pocket. Then all the inmates were instructed to go back to their cells.

So it was 2:32 in the morning and Ricky and Julian woke up.

“Ricky it is time.”

Julian took the can out of his pocket and ripped it in half. Here take one half and make some sort of a key we will try both of them. So as Julian was shaping his key he cut himself on the can.


“Shhhhhh, you are going to wake up everybody” Ricky explained.

“Sorry it's just that I cut myself and it is pretty deep. There was a pool of blood on the floor.

"Here take my half and make both of them into a key to pick the lock.”

So 15 minutes pasted and Ricky finally finished the keys.

“Alright it is time to try them” said Ricky.

Ricky got up and made his way to the Barry's and stuck his arm out and stuck the key in the key hole with the half he originally started with. He moved it around trying to unlock it and it didn't work. Now he used the key that Julian gave to him and he moved that around in the keyhole. He was trying to unlock it for about 15 minutes and suddenly he heard a click and the door swung open.

“Yes!!! We are finally going to get out of here” Julian shouted.

“Shhhhhhh. You want to get caught?”

So Julian and Ricky started running down the halls and out of the prison and they were back in the streets causing more crimes.

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