Mekong Diaries #5 4000 Islands, Laos

Here comes the sun. Pakse in South Laos, 30 degree and a happy wife.

Next stop, Pakse bus terminal at km 8

This is our bus to Nakasang where we need to catch the last boat at 5:30pm
Our driver
“I am ready to go”
We too
It’s a 3.5 hours bus ride
With a 2min stop to buy food from the street. The grilled stick on the right are field rats, yummi.
Boys are boys in Nakasang
...and men are men. A little cock fight in a backyard from the public toilet.
We got to the boat peer just in time to catch the last public long boat.
Deep in the most southern reaches of Laos, in a narrow section of the country where it can feel like there is more river than land, are the somewhat mythical 4,000 Islands. Si Phan Don as it’s known in the local lingo is a section of the Mekong River that fans out into a 10 kilometre-wide labyrinth of shallow waterways and islands.

What an arrival! Welcomed by a mythical sunset over the Mekong

Village of Don dhet - the new goa
We opted for the little island Don Khon
Bikes are the way to go here.
Die Schule is aus...
Waterfall #1
Didn’t I promise we travel the mekong
Lonely beaches, too
Golden Beach
Probably the most outstanding location for a pool table in the world.
Turned out to become a mountainbike tour... Fun fact: the couple on the other side made it over the bridge with their bikes. By discussing the right way to cross, it turned out that they are Germans, Bavarians, from my region (Feichten a.d. Alz). El mundo es un pañuelo.
Back to “town” for a sundowner.
Free Wifi everywhere. Great for travel planning.

Our floating bungalow

Sicher ist sicher.

Waterfall #2

The Khone Falls are the largest in southeast Asia and they are the main reason that the Mekong is not fully navigable into China. The falls are characterised by thousands of islands and countless waterways, giving the area its name Si Phan Don or 'The 4,000 islands'.

With a long tail boat to Nakasang
Dried meat
With a tuk tuk to the Pha Pheng Falls
Take the picture
Gas station
Loveley family of Mr. Don and his sister. They run “The Garden” restaurant, a culinary oasis on Don Khon island.
The guys playing footbal volley, a game I remember my father playing with friends at the public pool when I was a child.
Cow - before and after
The yellow BeerLao cases are spread all over the country, literally everywhere. Even coffins are painted in the same color - the last case.
Wegwerfgesellschaft Fehlanzeige. Not a disposable society. TV sets are too valuable to be thrown away. They get repaired. And as time is not so valuable, you wait for it to be done.

Waterfall #3

The smaller of the 2 waterfalls on Don Khon turned out to be the most magical with two fishermen that mount their trap (Reuse).

My Mekong
A very basic fisher hut turned out to serve very fresh and delicious deep fried fish with garlic and pepper.
Bye bye mythical 4000 islands. Bye bye Laos.

Next stop Cambodia. To be continued...

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