Melissa Prime

This is Melissa's profile for her support workers and others who support and care for her

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Singing nursery rhymes to herplaying with her toys in her pink toy boxreading books to her (ones that aren't too long and likes ones that rhyme) but loves her book 'Baby bears read along' with the cover of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (please be careful with that book its very old and don't want it ripped or more damaged) If you have children books at home please feel free to bring them along on your shift. Melissa loves to watch her television shows ABC KIDS and NickJr! Please leave her shows on unless she is doing a activity with you or having her lunch. Melissa loves when you tell her story's going to the park or up the road for a walk (only if it's right weather for Melissa and only if it's okay with Stella and Steve.) Melissa has her own iPad that she loves playing with.

Reminder ✨ Melissa isn't allowed her hands in her mouth. Only at bed time only allowed her Petstage toys in her mouth they are the only toys that she can't fully get in her mouth it is very important to watch what she puts in her mouth if you give her a toy to play with or if she has her lunch towel on she likes to put that in her mouth as well so please be careful it is very easy for Melissa to choke. If you are willing to take her arm bands off do not leave her by herself, even if it's just to the toilet. She will put her hands right down her throat or toys. Melissa will try and put anything in her mouth and doesn't stop until she chokes so please be aware if her arm bands are off.

Support workers will STOP immediately with Melissa's lunch if any of the following signs..
  • Tired
  • Watery red eyes
  • Unusual change of voice (gurgerly wet sound or rattle in her throat)
  • Distressed
  • Gagging or coughing
  • Face starts going red
  • Looking like she is having trouble swallowing
  • Unable to cough, stops breathing (actual choking)
  • Pocketing her food and not swallowing properly

If Melissa is trying to talk while food is in her mouth that will cause her to choke on her food usually. So if cheeky girl starts talking with her food in her mouth please remind her that there's no talking while she's having her lunch and also if she ends up taking a while to swallow her food or starts getting too excited moving her head a lot just remind her that she needs to swallow and to be careful. Sometimes you will need to tell her this a few times. If she gets too tired and lazy to swallow don't give her anymore of her lunch.

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