Good Life Tour of the Harn Owen Donnelly

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

This piece, titled Zandvoort, was particularly intriguing to me. The piece is made from magnesium, a pretty unique medium of art. The intricacies of the intertwining serpentine nature of the piece could not have been properly appreciated using a two dimensional picture. It reminded me of almost of a scrambled map with each region jumbled about. It made me think about the way we humans separate ourselves based on culture and location but in reality, we are all more alike than different.

Design of the Museum

The Harn was cleverly laid out in a manner that replicated walking through the different part of the world. This piece titled 'Chinese Style Fancy Dress Costume' stood out to me. It was, ironically, in the gallery titled 'Africa'. What I liked so much about this intricate dress was that, while it was representative of African culture, it was borrowing ideas from Chinese culture. Art can be common ground between different cultures. The layout of the museum was very conducive to appreciating many cultures, not only for their differences but for their similarities as well.

Art and Core Values

This particular painting, titled 'St. Jeans Bay' got in touch with one my core values: simplicity. The persons in the painting are all appearing to be content as they do nothing but live a simple life on the bay. The subjects relax in a pristine mountainous setting while a man fishes in the background. I liked that this painting wasn't over complicated. It portrayed calm and relaxation. The contrast with the city on the hill suggests that these people have either removed themselves from a complex society or were never a part of it all. Simplifying one's life can lead to great sources of happiness.

Art and the Good Life

This painting titled 'Southern Teamster' reminded me of the theme 'Sharing'. At fist glance when I saw this picture I thought it was just a man on a horse. When I read more about the background of the piece I discovered that it was part of a collection by an African American artist designed to encourage African Americans to focus on their African culture. The artist was able to communicate his interpretation of the Good Life through oil on a canvas and it was his desire that others share in his triumph.

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