Team Hand Draw by ajani and Elijah

Objective- To win the game, you must work together with your teammate to develop the best hands possible over the span of three sequences. The team with the most points at the end of sequence 3 is the winner.

Components- Only need 4 players, a deck(s) of cards with Jokers removed, game chips, and a piece of paper to keep track of team score.

How To Play

  • To begin game, shuffle deck 3 times and have each player draw a random card from the shuffled deck after. The players who select the two highest cards are placed on teams with one another. Also, the player who selected the highest card will go first. Put the random cards back in the deck.
  • Players will now be allowed to sit next to each other and discuss their actions with their teammates to ensure the best hands will be built.
  • Teams are given the special ability to form a royal flush, which individual players cannot get themselves, which counts for 15 points. (For example, if you have a King, Jack, and 10 and your partner has a Queen, then your partner could choose to sacrifice their hand for the team and collect an Ace to help you. At the end of Round 4, your partner would give you the Queen and Ace, which would complete your flush. Remember only teams can form royal flushes, not individual players.)
  • The dealer now deals 5 cards to each player and 10 chips to each player.
  • The dealer now draws 16 cards and faces them up on the table. (4 rows by 4 columns).


  • The starting player has the opportunity to bid on any of the 16 cards below by placing chips on the cards. Once this player is done placing a bet, the turn continues clockwise to the next player.
  • Each proceeding player places a bet on the cards they want. To bet on a card that was previously bet on, the player must place a higher bid.
  • Once the last player places a bet, whoever won the bets on each card wins those specific cards to add to their hands.
  • If they pick up card(s), they must put down the equal amount from their hand in exchange, leaving the players with 5 cards. The chips used will be discarded as well.
  • Each player will reveal their hands and points will be dished out for the cards that they have. (For example, in the first round, if you build a royal flush, which counts for 10 points and and your partner builds only two pairs, which counts for 2 points, then your team score would be 12). These points comprise your team score. Teams will be required to keep track of their own points.
  • The dealer now draws 9 cards (3 rows by 3 columns face up) from the deck and the players continues the same as the previous round. The cards used for the 4x4 cards are then reshuffled back into the desk.
  • The player who began the first round will now go last, as the order of players rotates for each round. (For example, if you bid first in the beginning round, then you would go last, as the person clockwise to you would begin first in the ensuing round. This continues for the rest of the game.)
  • In each round the amount of cards the dealer places on the table diminishes by one row and one column, until there is only one card placed. ie. Round 3 would consist of 2 rows and 2 columns of cards. Round 4 would consist of 1 card.
  • The completion of 4 rounds is one set. At the beginning of every set, each player will be restored to the initial ten chips. The game is finished when 3 sets have been completed. The team with the most points at the end of the sets is the winner.

Scoring System

  • Scoring System
  • Royal Flush-15 points
  • Straight flush-8 poins
  • Four of a kind- 7 points
  • Full House- 6 points
  • Flush- 5 points
  • Straight- 4 points
  • Three of a kind- 3 points
  • Two pairs- 2 points
  • One pair- 1 point

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