Dominos Pizza By: Joyce, Quinlan, and Saud

A medium priced plain cheese pizza at dominos costs 10.99$ each medium pizza topping costs 1.49$
Pepperoni Pizza is my favorite type of pizza. If I ordered a medium pepperoni pizza I would expect it to cost 12.48$.

The equation to find out the price of the medium pizza with as many toppings as you want is: 1.49x + 10.99

The graph above shows the price of a medium pizza's price with up to ten toppings

The price of a small plain cheese pizza costs 8.99$ and each topping costs 1$

The price of the small pizza with as many toppings as you want is put into this equation: 1x + 8.99

The graph under shows the price of up to ten toppings for the small pizza

The large pizza with no toppings costs 12.99$ and each topping costs 1.69$

You can find the price of a large pizza with as many toppings as you want using this equation: 1.69x + 12.99

This is the price of the large pizza with up to ten toppings

If you were to double the pizza toppings for any sized pizza, you would not pay for double the pizza just the toppings because in the equation for the price of pizza, the small pizza is: 1x + 8.99, the medium pizza is: 1.49x + 10.99, and the large pizza is: 1.69x + 12.99. The only thing that is changing is the toppings because you add toppings but the base price of plain pizza stays the same.

With a $20 bill you can get a small pizza with up to 11 toppings, a medium pizza with up to 6 toppings, or a large pizza with up to 4 toppings. I would most likely choose the large pizza with four toppings because I don't usually get more than four toppings and I don't think anyone does
In Washington DC the dominos raises the price for each topping until it gets to four toppings, after that you don’t have to pay any extra money for toppings. I think they do that mostly because it makes them look like they don’t have high prices and most people don’t get more than 4 toppings anyways so they are still making money but it makes it look like they aren’t expensive.


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