The Fourteenth Goldfish Makenna Leiby

Ellie is a mostly normal girl going through the normal middle school struggle. But then a strange boy shows up at her house claiming to be her scientist grandpa who turned himself thirteen with a jellyfish. Ellie is very surprised and thinks it may just be one of her moms acting students. She soon finds out it is her grandpa and that he is very obsessed with science. Ellie's grandpa has to live with her and come to school with her. He is very awkward and dresses like a grandpa and uses her hair ties plus he has something to say in for every page in the science book. Along with having to deal with her grandpa she has to deal with her best friend and her self drifting apart. Brianna and Ellie have been best friends forever and put hand prints on Ellie's wall every year to show how much they have grown as friends, but ever since Brianna joined the volleyball team they have not been hanging out. Ellie's grandpa has a grand plan to steal back his science materials from the lab that he used to work at and Ellie has agreed to be part of the plan because her grandpa has taught her the importance of science in the world and Ellie is very interested and wants to learn more. In the end Ellie and her grandpa become better friends than anyone expected

Fruit Bowl ( in the book Ellie's grandpa told her that apples were never fresh and that was what hooked her on science).


The theme of this book is don't rush through life because Ellie wants middle school to be over but her grandpa says to enjoy the good times before you get old. This is why he made a invention that could turn around the aging process. Ellie wants to grow up and not have to deal with friendship problems but her grandpa tells her if she rushes through life she won't have any memories or good times to share. Will Ellie be able to fix things with Brianna or just move on? Will she be able to follow through with her plan with grandpa?

Book Recommendation

If you liked that book you should read Turtle in Paradise also by Jennifer L. Holm. The connection between these books is that they are both by Jennifer L. Holm. This book is about Turtle who is going to stay with her cousins who she has never met in Key West. Florida. Her cousins are all boys and they are very loud plus she has to share a room with one. Her cousins are in a "diaper gang" which is a club that changes diapers for candy. Their Turtle learns a lot about her past and learns to love Key West.

The Fourteenth Goldfish, Jennifer L. Holm


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