Dominica By:Ava hagge

People: To the people of Dominica, neatness is important to most of them, people generally wear light cotton clothing including dresses, or blouses with skirts or pants for women, and collared shirts and pants for men. Most Dominicans are Christian, The majority of the population (61%) is Roman Catholic. Religion is part of their everyday life: meetings, school days, and meals typically begin with a prayer, and major state events often include some type of religious ceremony.

Dominica's Religion
Children of Dominica

Land- Dominica is known for its large waterfalls and rugged mountains, the highest of which, Mount Diabetes, reaches an elevation of 4,747 ft. It is said that the island has 365 rivers, one for each day of the year.

Mt. Diabetes River
Mt. Diabetes

Food- Tee ree ree: tiny freshly spawned fish, Lambi: Conch, Manicou: small opossum, Crab backs: seasoned crab meat. A conch is a type of mollusk shell that was cooked or fried. It does have some bumps on it, but not all of them do. It sometimes can maintain points coming out of it! You would usually find it in the Tropical Marines! A manicou is a small opossum that can be fried or cooked. Crab backs are crabs that are cooked with butter spread on them and seasoned meat sprinkled on top of it. You can also put salad leaves on top of it, and around the plate, you can also use a lime to add some sweetness to it.

Crab Back
tee ree ree

Place to visit- Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a World Heritage Site located in Dominica. This area was established as a national Park by the Dominican government in July 1975, the first to be legally established in the country. Another place to visit is Marigot. Marigot is the largest settlement of Saint Andrew Parish in Northeastern Dominica. The village had a population of 2,676 people, and is home to a fisher's complex as well as the island's main airport. It is the birthplace of local politician Edison James and cricket umpire Billy Doctrove.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

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