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Spring term 2021: 2nd Edition

Welcome to the 2nd edition of our Community Newsletter. What a busy time it has been! We have been welcoming our students to their Induction Day, monitoring self –testing, catching up with all the student news, and undertaking all of the wonderful events below. We are so proud of our school community and all its achievements. Thank you for your continued support over the past few months- you inspire us every day.

If you would like to contribute to the LiFe Link (student, parent or guardian), telling us about your community news, and your son/daughter’s/your achievements, please email liz.lea@oasislordshill.org. We would love to hear from you!

Enjoy the Spring Term 2 edition of the LiFe Link Community Newsletter. Here is a snippet of what to look forward to:

  • The National Oasis Meals Project with our very own Mr Collins
  • Yr 7 Creative mini projects and winners
  • MHST newsletter link and future vision for mental health provision at Lord’s Hill
  • Spotlight on Careers: Virtual work experience with Alyson in Year 10
  • Winning #MyGivingThanks Competition and Aaron Phipps, Paralympian
  • The Lord’s Hill Masked Reader
  • Saints Inspire Winning Project with year 9
  • International Women’s Day – staff video and yr 9 Saints Project
  • Red Nose Day
  • Science Week Celebrated
  • Showcase infographic – music at its best!
  • The LiFe Curriculum: identity and the RSE Parental Consultation

Mr Collins cooks!

Staff here at Lord’s Hill have created five short, easy to follow videos on how to make five meals, for four people – each using ingredients costing just £3!

“We know that this year has been tough in so many ways – not least on people’s bank balance,” explains Lewis Collins, Teacher of Food Technology at Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill.

“We wanted to create something to help families make their money go further when doing the weekly shop, which is how we came up with 5,4,3 Meals. These meals are easy to follow, taste great and are enough to feed a small family – and they do not cost the earth.”

“We hope families across the Oasis family and beyond give them a try.”

Winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off, Peter Sawkins, gives the idea his seal of approval, recording a short video of support at the beginning of each meal.

Why not try out one of these recipes and let us know how you get on by sharing a photo with us on Facebook or Twitter.

The Year 7 Creative Mini Projects

The Food project entailed year 7s recalling information from the withdraw taster sessions before Christmas regarding the health and safety rules and procedures to follow when cooking. The project has 4 tasks in which they need to use their knowledge to answer the questions and spot dangers in this image.


Gold – Tuncay S for completing three of the tasks to a high standard

Silver – Danu A for putting knowledge and understanding of health and safety to two tasks.

Bronze – Ruby A for completing some optional practical activities during lockdown to a very high standard.


During Lockdown 3.0 students were tasked with a Drama Lockdown Challenge! The challenge involved students writing their own scene that would make up part of a play called Living Life alongside Coronavirus. Their scene had to be exciting to read and keep the audience engaged. Huge congratulations to Tuncay Sen and Sophia Mendoza who got involved and created some excellent work. See below for a snippet of their work…

Mental Health in Schools Team from Solent NHS

At Lord’s Hill, we believe that the Personal Development of our students is incredibly important. We want our students to be healthy both on the inside and out.

We are pleased to announce that our school has signed up to the MHST programme, and we are awaiting confirmation of the arrival of one or two trained mental health practitioners to support early intervention with our students. Education Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs) provide:

  • Short term low intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) informed interventions for children and young people with anxiety and/or low mood aged between 12 to 17 years.
  • Individual, time limited 1:1 support to young people presenting with Anxiety Disorders, Low mood & OCD.
  • Southampton MHST also offers support to school and college staff by:
  • Delivering training on various mental health topics
  • Offering consultations (individual or group) where staff can think through their regarding students or class groups
  • Working with staff to support students individually
  • Supporting staff wellbeing

If you would like to find out more about the support the MHST will provide please watch this clip below and read their fortnightly newsletters.

Spotlight on Futures: Our Year 10 Alyson talks!

Virtual Work Experience

Futures is one of the strands in our LiFe Curriculum (Leadership, identity, Futures and enrichment) and Mr West (Careers and Transition Coordinator) uses the Gatsby Benchmarks to ensure that our students are receiving the best possible careers provision.

The Covid crisis and the subsequent lockdown has meant that it is difficult for employers to offer work experience in their offices and on site as they normally would. As a result, many organisations have moved their work experience opportunities online and there are of fantastic opportunities available for our students to take advantage of.

One of our students at Lord’s Hill has already signed up for one of these virtual work placements and has kindly answered a few questions below in advance of undertaking her placement.

Alyson, Year 10

Why are you interested in a work experience placement?

The work experience course outlined that it would help build confidence in performing. I wanted to get more experience in doing this as I do not feel I am very confident when performing at the moment. The more experience of this I get the easier it will become.

What industry did you decide to get your work experience in and why?

Musical performance – It is the British army’s music foundation. I chose this one because it related directly to what I want to improve.

What do you hope to learn from your virtual work experience?

I want to learn how to focus on my breathing when giving a performance to ensure I am fully present. I want to work on my confidence to focus on what I am doing rather than what the audience may be doing. This course will help me with this.

How easy was it to find a placement that you were interested in?

There was an area to search to the different subjects or pathways you wish to look at. I chose music and performance and the website showed me the options for this.

How easy was it to apply?

It was pretty easy. I needed to answer 7 questions about myself in order to tell them as much about me as possible.

In seeking this placement, Alyson has displayed wonderfully our 9 habits and is showing excellent dedication and commitment to her future. As Alyson is nearly in year 11, she will soon be applying for college courses and writing her personal statement (a bit like a CV to help with your college applications). Experience of this kind is an excellent thing to tell colleges about, and will help your applications stand out from the masses of people your age who are applying for colleges too.

We want you to have the most options available to you when you leave our academy at the end of year 11. Finding and completing a work experience placement in an area you are interested in, will help you find and decide upon a course and career path that is right for you.

Alyson found her placement an organisation called Speakers for Schools who we work closely with as an academy. If you follow the link below to their website, you can begin your virtual work experience journey too. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

We won #MyGivingThanks Competition!

Giving Thanks is a campaign by Mayflower 400 Southampton to create digital memories that bring the people of Southampton together in a shared celebration of our city and our communities. During this difficult time, it’s more important than ever to celebrate and share the important things that make a difference to our lives every day, however small.

Students at Lord’s Hill learned the importance of being thankful for what we do have during their weekly identity lessons, as part of their LiFe Curriculum. Students took to social media using the hashtag #MyGivingThanks to share photos, images, videos, stories, poems of the things for which they were grateful. Up for grabs was a prize to have a talk from the inspirational local Totton Paralympian, Aaron Phipps. We are pleased to announce that we won! Thank you to all our students who took part. More info to follow on this exciting opportunity.

For more information please watch this; Paralympian Aaron Phipps shares what he’s thankful for in his Giving Thanks film.

The Lord’s Hill Masked Reader

You’ve possibly heard of “The Masked Singer” which was on BBC1 on Saturday evenings? Well we decided, for World Book Day this year, to hold a “Masked Reader” Competition. Six brave members of staff were disguised in wigs, hats, funny voices….and of course MASKS!

Staff and students then listened to each person reading aloud – and had to work out who each one was. Some were easier than others, and the following lucky students and staff guessed correctly one or more of the Masked Readers:

Leoni - Y9, Maddison - Y9, Teigan - Y7, Bobby - Y8, Daniela - Y7, Jacob - Y7, Mr Spratt and Ms Farrell. Your prizes will be delivered soon.

Of course the overall winner is the member of staff who was the most difficult to guess. So, the Champion Masked Reader is…………Mrs Gibbs – our wonderful Pastoral Leader for Y7 & Y8. Well done Mrs Gibbs – you had so many of us fooled.

Here’s a little reminder as each Masked Reader reveals their true identity…….

WINNERS! Saints Inspire Challenge Year 9 for Mental Health

The Premier League Inspires Challenge is an annually held event, which invites pupils from a variety of schools across the country to participate in a challenge based around a themed topic. The topic for this year’s Challenge was to create a social action project around promoting positive mental health and reducing the stigma associated with it. The Southampton heat of the event saw groups of students from nine schools present their social action project ideas to a panel of judges who were tasked with selecting one winner who would then be given the opportunity to deliver their project.

The judges who formed the panel for this year’s challenge were made up of vastly experienced professionals that included Sam Fulling- Saints Foundation Manager, Claire Salerno- Southampton FC’s Engagement, Learning & Development Manager, Gordon Muvuti- Director of Partnerships at Solent NHS Trust, and Tim Vine- Director of UK & International Public Affairs at the Premier League.

Whilst there could only be one winner to progress to the next stage, this year’s challenge saw a very high standard across the board. This was reiterated by Tim Vine who stated “Whilst there were two standouts, every single school brought something to the table and came up with some good ideas and presented in a way that I am sure will stand them in good stead with the rest of their time in school, and hopefully beyond”. After two hours of deliberating, the judges were then ready to announce our winner to the schools…. This year’s winners were Tegan B, Jaden B, Marni H, Owen J and Isabela T from Oasis Academy Lords Hill!! A special well done to Tegan, Jaden and Marni who presented the group’s idea to the judges over a Microsoft Teams Video Call.

Oasis Lords Hill’s idea was to create a safe, fun and relaxing garden space in school for students that are struggling with mental health or other related issues. This will be achieved by redeveloping a currently unused area of the school grounds and make this an area where students will be able to go on their own or with friends to feel calm. The garden will include wind chimes, positive and happy notes, fairy lights, beanbags and blankets. In addition, the group will aim to raise awareness of mental health issues and the wellbeing garden in school by creating posters, assemblies and running fundraising events.

The winning group from Lords Hill will now be invited to attend the Premier League Inspires Celebration Event with the winners from the remaining Premier League club heats.

Well done Year 9!

International Women’s Day IWD #ChoosetoChallenge

Monday the 8th March was International Women’s Day and we celebrated this during identity sessions with all students. Students became aware of an International Men’s Day, and discussed the need for Gender parity in our society today.

In addition to this, Mrs Bennett filmed female members of staff raising their hand in support of the #ChooseToChallenge social media campaign.

Red Nose Day 2021

During LiFe identity lessons, students from all years discovered the roots of the Comic Relief charity and the evolution of the famous Red Nose. Did you know that this year's Red Nose is plastic free? More here.

Students were also inspired by Billy Monger's Big Red Nose Day Challenge, which would see professional racing driver and double-leg amputee, push himself to the limits for charity. The money raised will help to support a number of life-changing projects both across the UK and around the world. So far, through his determination, Billy has raised over £2,376,183!

We asked our students - What challenges have you had to face?

Throughout the Academy, students and staff were asked to design their own 2022 Red noses and make us smile with some hilarious jokes. Here are some examples of the great work completed...

#shareasmile #rednoseday #bedetermined

Year 9 Saints Women’s Day Workshop with Brad

In celebration of International Women's Day, a group of Y9 students had the chance to take part in a themed workshop, specifically designed for our students by Saints Foundation's Female Inclusion Officer and Southampton FC Women's captain, Shannon Sievwright. The workshop was delivered to both male and female students and was used as a tool to encourage open discussion between young people around women of influence in various fields, touching on topics such as gender equality and respect towards women.

Students were first asked to identify women who have played a positive role in their life and explain why this was. With many students sharing examples of their mum or grandmother and how they had qualities which that young person aspired to have or tried to implement in their day-to-day behaviours. The group then took part in a quiz based on influential women, past and present, which created key discussions around how young women can be successful, achieve their goals, and go on to use their power and influence in a positive manner.

Finally, students had the opportunity to do some individual learning and research where they were tasked with identifying a female who they found influential, and gain a greater insight into their journey, presenting their research to the group when complete – with Fearne Cotton and Serena Williams being some of our favourite choices! A big well done to all the students that took part.

Lord’s Hill’s Science Week

During our first week back at in the Academy, we celebrated British Science Week. Our students are passionate about Science and across the year groups have been learning about Electricals, Refraction, Energy, Cells And even Astrophysics!

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths which took place between 5-14 March 2021. The 2021 theme is 'Innovating for the future'. From creative problem-solving to learning about inspirational innovators, there was plenty of ways to join in.

Celebrating this year was going to have to be slightly different to the years gone by, but our Science department rose to the challenge and created some awe-inspiring videos, virtual assemblies and competitions a plenty. Here is just a small sample of what our students got involved with…

Bobby in year 8 created this amazing DNA cake in honour of Rosalind Franklins discovery. Rosalind Franklin (1920–1958) was an English scientist who made X-ray images of DNA. It was a very important part of the research that led to the discovery of the structure of DNA, which is a spiral shape. DNA is the information in our body that our body uses to build cells. Sadly Franklin never received the Nobel prize awarded for this discovery because she died aged just 37. She is remembered and honoured to this day with schools, universities and laboratories naming departments after her and a 50p coin released to commemorate her work.

This year’s theme ‘innovating for the future’, coupled with International woman’s day sparked some interesting discussions about who scientists are. What do you imagine when you’re asked what a scientist looks like? Are you picturing lab coats, goggles and conical flasks? How about the person? Are they a White man with grey hair, who resembles Albert Einstein?

If that’s who you pictured – you aren’t alone.

But it’s something that we at Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill want to change! The science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) sectors are much more diverse than this stereotype suggests. There are people working in labs, at universities, in innovation centres, in businesses and out on construction sites, who come from so many different backgrounds, and who have taken lots of different routes into their career. Not only that, the jobs people do and the ways that they work as a scientist are so broad – we could never list them all! So every time you step into your science lesson allow yourself to believe that regardless of your age, ethnicity, gender identity or beliefs you could make a difference and maybe one day change the world with a career in STEM.

Students have enjoyed creating entries for our whole school competitions. Researching scientists, making visual dedications to scientists who inspire them and compiling facts about discoveries from the year that they were born.

The most popular competition by a mile was ‘creating a science themed cake’. Our students came up with some innovative designs, measured and planned their ingredients and created some scientific masterpieces!

Here is just a selection…

Toby's Fossil cake inspired by Mary Anning
Ella-Mae shared her chemistry knowledge with her Compound cupcakes
Eddie created a STEM masterpiece

Music with Showcase

We just wanted to share the infographic below that Showcase has created. This details, among Showcase’s partner schools, the statistics of impact their provision has had over the past year. Well done Showcase, and thank you for all the virtual lessons, instruments and virtual opportunities across Southampton and our community.

The LiFe Curriculum: identity and the RSE Parental Consultation

To embrace the personal development of every student at Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill, we are proud to deliver a diverse and fully comprehensive PSHCE package (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education). Tutors deliver this weekly as part of the identity strand of our comprehensive Lord's Hill LiFe Curriculum (Leadership, identity, Futures, and enrichment).

Please note that the Department For Education has introduced new guidelines for the delivery of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) as part of the PSHCE programme.

Tamla Gale, Director of Excellence for Humanities, would like to invite you to participate in a consultation process by clicking here to visit our website. The consultation process will run between 17th and 31st March 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact her by email tamla.gale@oasislordshill.org to discuss further should you have any questions on this process.

And Finally……..!

We would like to extend our greatest thanks to all of the testing staff who have successfully, and efficiently, ensuring safe implementation of 3 sets of onsite tests per student. Special thanks to the staff at Testlands, who volunteered to support the process with a smile and a laugh. We are grateful to you all - thank you.

Thank you for reading this edition, and don’t forget to get in touch if you would like to be more involved with the LiFe Link.

Have a wonderful Easter and see you again in the Summer Term!


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