Appletree News Term 3, 2021 Newsletter

from the principal

Dear WWHS families –

The end of Term 3 has been a busy one for our school and others throughout the state. I’m so happy to say that together we made it through what has been a constantly changing and at times difficult few months. We could not have done it without the commitment from our wonderful families who supported learning from home and maintained ongoing connections with the school. It truly has been a partnership. I want to thank you all for your efforts to continue to keep our school community safe.

I’d also like to acknowledge the resilience and diligence of our terrific young people. You have had your bumps and your triumphs. But you have kept pushing through! We miss you terribly and cannot wait to have you back on site in the coming weeks.

I couldn’t go any further without recognising the efforts of our incredible teaching and support staff. In 21 years of working in schools I have never experienced teamwork, collaboration, care and innovation as I have with the West Wallsend High School staff. It is truly an honour to serve, support and lead such a fantastic team and community.

I hope everyone enjoys a break over the holidays and is looking forward to the COVID-safe return to school sites that we are planning for in Term 4.

Return to school roadmap for Term 4

Learning from home will continue from Tuesday 5 October until we return to face-to-face learning through a staged return from 25 October. On this date, Year 12 will be the first cohort to return. Year 11 will then return on the 1 November and Years 7-10 on the 8 November.

Students and staff will return under strict health guidelines including mandatory mask wearing, no offsite visitors and highly limited activities. I will share more details of this prior to students returning to face-to-face learning.

Vaccinations for all school-based staff across all sectors will be mandatory from 8 November. Those staff on-site to support the senior student return will need to be fully vaccinated by the 25 October. All students eligible for a vaccine are strongly encouraged by the government to do so however, it will not be mandatory for students to be vaccinated before returning to school.

Currently, the clear message from NSW Health is that until these return dates families should be keeping children at home unless it is absolutely necessary for them to attend school.

The return to school roadmap is subject to change depending on new information expected through the Public Health Order and additional advice from NSW Health. You can stay up to date with the most recent advice on the Department of Education’s Advice for families page.

HSC update

Congratulations to our Year 12 students! You’ve nearly made it to the end of a unique and very tough year. Your resilience and work ethic through this time has been admirable.

The official last day for Year 12 is Friday 17 September 2021, however students will be supported up until their exams. Mr Chandler has sent out a detailed update to Year 12 students and families with further details around this, including the important reminder that from 25 October, all Year 12 students will have access to our site. I strongly encourage all students to return on this date. This will ensure we can provide face-to-face support in the lead up to exams. However, it is also important for Year 12 to have an opportunity to connect as a cohort and enjoy the last few weeks they have together. Further information in relation to end of course reports, the graduation assembly and formal can be found in Mr Chandler’s recent letter.

Year 11 update

Mr Gauci has provided detailed information to Year 11 families in Week 10 in relation to students kicking off their HSC coursework from next term. It’s an exciting time for our seniors and while the term will start from home we can’t wait to see our 2022 HSC cohort back on site very soon.

Another big congratulations must go to our new senior leadership team! They are a brilliant bunch and I know the school will be in fantastic hands as they transition into their new roles.

Wellbeing focus to continue in Term 4

Thank you to the many families who reached out and shared how positive and successful they found the Wellbeing Wednesday we ran several weeks ago. Based on this we will be implementing a screen-free wellbeing focused day for Years 7-10 in Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5 as part of the learning from home program next term.

Students will be encouraged to engage in a range of fun, hands on wellbeing focused activities throughout the day. It will also provide a pressure-free opportunity to catch up on independent study. Year 11 and 12 students will be encouraged to engage in some of the activities and their teachers will also remain available to them on these days.

Mrs Jenness and the Wellbeing Team will share more information about this great initiative early next term. In the meantime, take some time to check out our wellbeing resources for students and families.

Our RISE Team will continue our wellbeing check-in calls with families next term to ensure you have all of the resources you require to support your young person learning from home.

Learning from home packs for Weeks 1 and 2 will be available for contactless pick up from the front of the office from 9am Tuesday 5 October.

Semester 2 Reports

Semester 2 reports for years 7-10 will look a little different from our usual reports next term. Teachers will still provide a clear snapshot of student progress but in a more simplified template. This will reflect a state-wide approach. Reports will be available for all 7-10 students at the end of Term 4.

Reports for Year 11 and 12 students will remain the same detailed report as previous years. This is because both year groups were able to complete all formal assessment for their courses. Year 12 reports are available to download now from the Parent Portal. Year 11 reports will be available mid-Term 4.

Year 7, 2022

For those of you with Year 7 students starting with us next year, keep an eye out for important information that will be mailed to you in Week 1 in relation to the drop off period for enrolment documents and an upcoming transition meeting for parents and students to be held online early next term.

Final message

Thank you again for your ongoing understanding and support. We hope you and your family enjoy a safe and very well-deserved break over the holidays. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if we can do anything to help you to prepare for Term 4 or if you have any concerns about the return to school.

Please take good care and stay safe.

Krystal Bevin

wellbeing week

As we started Term 3, little did we realise how important Wellbeing Week would be for our students. The Wellbeing team organised various activities – lots of games and challenges to appeal to academics and sports lovers. There was a dress-up day, a PJ Party and HOT CHOCOLATE! It was wonderful to see our staff and students come together to recognise the importance of 'belonging' and prioritising wellbeing and self-care.

Wellbeing Week activities

Deputy principals message

As Term 3 comes to an end, we wish to take this opportunity to thank our entire learning community for their support during the current learning from home period. They say it takes a community to raise a child, and never has this been truer with the way our community has come together again to support our children’s learning.

We are extremely proud of our staff, who have all had to quickly pivot to Zoom classes, roll out technology and generate hard copy learning packs to support many students learning styles. Our students have endured a significant shift of their normal school routine to learn from home and have had to quickly adapt to not having the traditional face to face learning with their teachers to Moodle and Zoom. As parents, you have also had to change your daily routine and become the pseudo teacher and technology support officer when the Wi-Fi has gone down, which we all know has been challenging, but we still push through as we know our children are worth it.

We want to give a massive shout out to students and staff of Year 12 who are navigating a HSC like no other. Every morning Mrs Somner and Mr Watts greet Year 12, keeping them up to date with the latest information regarding all things HSC. They have offered exceptional teaching and learning and wellbeing support with the ‘Stay on Track’ program of fun activities, quiz challenges and virtual connection being a huge success.

We also would like to thank our Year 11 cohort, who successfully completed their End of Course Assessment and are in the transition phase of moving from Year 11 work to start their HSC course work.

Our PBL team, Sport team and Year Advisors have worked closely with staff to ensure that our students continue to be recognised for their learning from home efforts. Many students have been awarded certificates in the mail, been involved in dozens of shared videos on Facebook, and supported a range of awareness campaigns such as RUOK, Wear It Purple Day, and Jersey day.

We trust that all of our students have a safe and relaxing end of term break and use the time to disconnect from technology and recharge for Term 4. We sincerely look forward to seeing all students back at school soon.

Stay safe! Mr Chandler and Mr Gauci

Zoom parent-teacher interviews

Parents and carers were unstoppable when we had to improvise and hold parent-teacher interviews using Zoom video conferencing. Forty-four teachers discussed student progress with parents and carers in over 500 interviews on Tuesday, 20 July. SHOUT OUT to our community for supporting this important school event.

Ms Schleizner on Zoom with a parent.

education week

During Week 3 we celebrated Education Week, recognising the importance of the many small moments that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and create lifelong learners.

We were excited to publish a new video on our website in which our staff and students explain our new school vision.

We reached out to our community to discover where some of our past students had travelled on their learning journey, asking them to share what they have done since graduating and why they think this year's Education Week theme 'Lifelong Learners' is important.


Graduated 2019

Since graduating, I was appointed into the Royal Australian Navy as a Maritime Warfare Officer. Having completed a New Entry Officer Course 64, I am now studying at the School of Navigation Warefare at HMAS Watson in Sydney.

I believe that everyone has the potential to learn something at every stage in life, and just because an individual has completed a learning goal they have set for themselves, there is always something more to strive for in their education.


Graduated 1978

Since leaving school, I have worked for local power stations, recently retiring from AGL Macquarie.

Lifelong learning helped me be promoted from an apprenticeship to being an operator in the power industry. Without my continued study, this would not have happened. Continued learning helps you grow and stay in touch with new technologies.


Graduated 2018

Since graduating from WWHS, I have done quite a few different jobs, though now I am in a job I LOVE – working as a disability support worker.

I think lifelong learning is important to help students realise what they would like to do after leaving school and to, of course, study hard to get what they want.


Graduated 2020

Since graduating, I have finished a Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance) at TAFE NSW, and I am now studying for my Certificate IV.

No one ever stops learning, whether it is in school or the real world. So in a way, we are all lifelong learners. As well, if no one learns, nothing new can be discovered.


Graduated 2010

Since graduating, I have completed an apprenticeship as an electrician, worked in sales and now work for myself as a videographer and drone technician.

Throughout the different industries I have worked in, I've always kept a willingness to earn. It's what has enabled me to find an alternate career path than what I originally thought I wanted to do out of school.


Graduated 2013

Since graduating, I have moved into Newcastle and founded a recruitment and consulting business called SC People and co-founded an advocacy group called the Hunter Collection Diversity and Inclusion Collective. I am also an active member of Hunter Young Professionals, HunterNet, and I am the Kirsten Keegan Scholarship recipient for the 2021 Future Leaders Program.

In 2021 it is demanded of our organisations to be more adaptive and innovative, to remain competitive and relevant. Whether you work within a large corporation or run your own business, success and a competitive advantage in 2021 and beyond will require us to remain agile and develop innovative solutions to problems. This can only be achieved through a commitment to lifelong learning.


Graduated 1994

After graduating I completed a Bachelor of Business degree part-time whilst working in a number of senior marketing and public relations roles for the NSW Government and major consumer brands. I made my best ever(!!) career decision 7 years ago to retrain as a high school teacher. My areas of expertise are legal studies and ancient history, and I am also the Head Teacher of the HSIE Faculty leading a dedicated and talented team of humanities teachers.

This year's theme means a lot to me because I am the definition of a lifelong learner! Since my undergraduate degree, I have also obtained post-graduate qualifications in communications, teaching and arts (history) and am midway through a Masters' of Education (Leadership and Management). As a teacher, I hope to inspire today's WWHS students to achieve whatever they set their minds to during their time at school and throughout their lives.


Graduated 1967

I became a journalist, spent many years travelling the world as a Motoring Journalist before moving into editorial management, holding numerous positions from Chief of Staff of a newspaper up to Editor and later Managing Editor responsible for more than 100 publications. I have worked in radio, TV, newspapers and magazines including the Sydney Morning Herald and Wheels Magazine where I was Assistant Editor. Later I started a PR company that became the largest non-metropolitan PR company on the eastern seaboard.

It is natural when we are young to pigeonhole educational institutions as the only places we will learn. The reality is, every day of your life you will learn something. Some will learn despite themselves but the people who are successful in all aspects of life and truly fulfilled will be those who embrace the experience and constantly seek to learn, to better themselves.


Graduated 2020

I have become a full-time musician, successfully releasing 2 songs this year that have reached the top ten in the iTunes charts. Along with playing my shows, I connect with people worldwide through interviews and other music platforms.

The theme is important because no single person stops learning throughout their lifetime. It's always a smart decision to connect with others and learn from their experience and knowledge.

Online In CAPA

Since going online, the CAPA staff have been working hard to ensure students keep up their creativity! Whilst it’s hard not having access to all our wonderful musical instruments and art materials, we have become innovative through fun drawing activities, photography, stop motion tasks and online music production.

Year 8 Visual Arts have been busy exploring Pop art and spent some time creating new book covers for their favourite novels (We love Book week!).

Year 8 visual arts book covers.

Year 10 Visual Arts have been exploring a new style of art – Dada! Students are exploring their artmaking skills through creating a fun, whimsical collage. Year 10 Photographic and Digital Media have made some amazing Stop Motion films using innovative techniques and objects around their home.

The CAPA teachers are super proud of Westy’s creative students and their ongoing commitment to honing their artmaking and photography skills! Year 9 Photographic and Digital Media have explored photography utilising a variety of light sources. Using this style, they have captured still-life and portraiture photography.

Year 9 Photographic and Digital Media still life

Year 11 Photography, Video & Digital Imaging have explored various themes through black and white photography.

Year 11 black and white photography.

To celebrate Book Week 2021, students had the opportunity to capture an image that represented a book. Can you name the book based on the photograph?

Book Week activity – take a photo to represent a book.

In Music this term, Year 7 students have been learning about the functions of film music. They have been analysing music from a wide variety of film clips to develop an understanding of how film composers manipulate the concepts of music for a specific purpose. Earlier in the term, students enthusiastically applied their understanding by creating an original soundtrack to a short video using Mixcraft 9. We can’t wait to get back to school and finish the productions!

Johnathan S (Year 7) Mixcraft Project.

Student Spotlight!

Year 7 student Johnathan Sandiford

Johnathan has worked independently to develop his composition skills using Mixcraft 9 and is to be congratulated on his outstanding work. Well done Johnathan!

You can listen to his 'Cool and Classic Jazz' composition at this SharePoint link.

A special mention to Marshall Smith in Year 7 for his excellent entry into the Week 5 Creativity challenge where students had to create their own names out of objects around their home. Marshall took his creation to the next level!

We are looking forward to seeing all our creative students back at school soon. T. Turner, Head Teacher CAPA.

Aboriginal Education


Going online has been a real challenge for many of our students, and it’s been tough not being able to learn on our beautiful school grounds, which lie on the land of the Pambalong people of the Awabakal nation. Instead, we may learn from all areas of Awabakal Country as we connect online from our homes.

There is now a Moodle page for Aboriginal Engagement that we regularly update with new events, information, and resources for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to access. Check it out!

English faculty update

Book Week 2021

Book Week 2021 was a great success! Even though we were online, we still managed to have lots of fun with our daily challenges. We had activities such as:

My Reading Spot Monday

Favourite reading spot.

Transportation Tuesday

Wacky Wednesday

Trivia Thursday and Book Face Friday.


We had lots of students and staff get in on the action and send through photos of themselves either completing the challenges or dressed up for our Book Week Parade on the Wednesday. Make sure that you follow our Sugarloaf Hub Instagram page to see all of the photos and fun things!

High Achieving Targeted Students (HATS)

One of our HATS teachers, Mrs Gordon has put the challenge out to the whole school, including staff, for a reading challenge! All you need to do is to read a book, send Mrs Gordon or Ms Holding an email and let them know the title of your book, the author, how many pages it was and 3 things that you liked about the book. You will be added to our leader board where staff are competing against the students. The aim is to read as many books as you can before the competition ends next term. Remember to use the hashtags on social media to document your reading journey #BeatMrsBevin #ChandlerandGauciarenochance #HATSreadingchallenge2021

Week 9 leaderboard

Author, Jackie French.

Year 9/10 HATS students had the absolute pleasure of hosting the wonderful Jackie French via Zoom. Our students were inspired by Jackie's passion for books – "writing a book is like perfecting a daydream".

Jackie French online with HATS students.

Classwork in English

This term, our classes have focused on developing their skills through activities that help build reading and writing skills. Year 7 has been working on their poetic skills by learning about different forms of poetry and techniques and creating a portfolio of work.

Kangaroo -

jumping, hopping,

bounding, springing.

Kangaroos are jumping

and hopping high -

their bounding springing

touches the sky.

By Azuriah McNamara

Sunburnt skin touching the cool water.

Nothing could get better unless it’s the blue water.

Sand hotter than the sun - burning your feet as you run.

Hot chip and cold coke on the sand,

pesky seagull snacking it from your hand.

Getting pushed off the jetty, make sure you're ready

Paddleboarding in the sun, make sure you're having fun.

By Mia Power

Summer in Australia

The tar melts beneath me like an icecream.

The colours run down my hand like a sticky sweet sweat.

The sun beams down on my shoulders just to say hello.

Slip n Slides and thrilling rides, the best I’ve ridden yet.

I look for the trees with the tallest limbs.

They invite me in - a pleasant break from the summer wind.

The days grow shorter, the fires end.

Till next season, summer my friend.

By Willow Caslick

Year 8 have been learning how to persuade others of their viewpoints. Year 9 have taken a trip through time to learn about William Shakespeare and the world of Romeo and Juliet. Year 10 have been preparing for their stage six English courses focusing on different types of writing such as imaginative, persuasive and discursive.

science faculty

Year 7 students are currently studying cells. As part of this, they must practice drawing cells as seen under a microscope. Due to online learning, they haven't used microscopes to view specimens yet but were given previous images taken on a microscope to practise drawing.

Simone Kulupach of 7G, has constructed a fantastic drawing of the microscope image of an Elodea, which is a water plant, during online learning to practise her skills in drawing cells.

Microscope image of Elodea and drawing.

Although we are missing our Westy scientists, we encourage our students to remain curious and ask questions about what they observe! We also highly suggest settling down to watch some David Attenborough during lockdown – it's informative, visually appealing, and there is something very soothing about his voice!

Human society and its environment (HSIE) update

Whilst Term 3 has brought us many challenges as we have transitioned our teaching and learning in HSIE online, our teachers have really enjoyed connecting with our students and continuing to provide high-quality learning experiences using Zoom and through Moodle.

In Year 7, students will complete their studies of Landscapes and Landforms in Term 3 before learning about human geography in their next topic, which is called Place and Liveability. Students in Year 8 have been studying Water in the World, with a learning partnership with Hunter Water in the works to round out their learning at the end of this term. These students will also have the opportunity to learn about the impacts of travel, tourism and technology in their next topic, Interconnections. In Year 9, students are wrapping up their studies of Biomes and how these communities of vegetation and wildlife across the world support the world’s supply of food. In Term 4, Year 9 will be studying issues of urbanisation and sustainability in their topic, Changing Places. Our Year 10 students have been examining Environmental Change and Management and will be wrapping up the term with some fieldwork activities they can do at home. They also had a ‘virtual visit’ from Mr Wagenaar, who, as a water engineer, develops and uses responsible technology to maximise water usage, test water quality, and provide filtered solutions where water is scarce. Thank you, Mr Wagenaar, for taking the time to explain some of the real-world applications of Geography and for answering our questions, and to Mr Gayoso and Miss Wratten for their coordination of the ‘visit’!

Presentation on water management.

With the impact of learning from home, our highly-anticipated and always-popular Year 9 Commerce Bizfair has, unfortunately, had to be postponed, but rest assured that our Commerce team, comprising Mrs Bailey, Mr Chambers and Mr Dorahy, are working on some ideas!

We have missed connecting with our wonderful students in person, but we have relished the opportunity late in Term 3 to dress up and have some fun whilst teaching online. We wish all of our students and families a well-deserved and restful break and look forward to seeing you all again in Term 4. Mrs Jo-Anne Bailey, Head Teacher, HSIE.

Learning support and wellbeing update

Seasons for growth

During Term 2 and 3, a small number of West Wallsend High students participated in the Seasons for Growth program. This is an innovative, evidence-based change, loss and grief education program that draws on the metaphor of the seasons to understand the experience of grief. Seasons for Growth helps students build the knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen social and emotional wellbeing following a significant loss by exploring the impact of the change or loss and learning effective ways to cope.

The program focuses on helping students understand that they are not alone in their experience of change, loss and grief, as well as building communication, decision making and problem-solving skills within the context of a safe and supportive peer group learning environment.

The students who participated in this small-group, 8-week long program, reported that the program had a positive impact on them, with the pre and post program surveys showing that they had an improved ability to talk about change, an enhanced understanding of the importance of asking for help and a corresponding ability to reach out to their support network when needed. They also reported that they now have a better understanding of their emotions and how they change over time and that they would recommend the program to their peers.

Seasons for Growth will run again in 2022. Parents and carers are always welcome to contact Head Teacher Wellbeing Sharon Jenness to request their child be added to the waitlist. If you want more information about Seasons for Growth, check out the fact sheet or call the school and leave a message for our School Support Officer, Jen Elhindi.

Wellbeing step challenge

We are all aware of the importance of exercise and its impact on our physical and mental health. Congratulations to all students and staff who took part in the Wellbeing Step Challenge during Week 6. The students with the highest step count receiving a $20 gift voucher were Ella-Rose (Year 7) and Ricky (Year 10). A big shout out to Mr Munro, who absolutely blitzed the staff challenge.

Step challenge winners

Wellbeing Wednesday

In Week 8, students were encouraged to participate in the Wellbeing Wednesday challenges. We suggested activities for students to look after their physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual wellbeing, such as cooking dinner for the family, connecting with nature, going on a bike ride, learning a new skill. Congratulations to the students who sent photos of how they participated in the challenges and to Saxyn (Year 8) for winning a $50 Uber Eats voucher.

Wellbeing Wednesday activities.

The Learning Centre (TLC) News

This term we welcomed the amazing Mrs Sam Reeves, a long-time staff member and Student Learning Support Officer (SLSO) at WWHS, to our Learning Support TLC team. Sam has been working closely with Miss Meares in the TLC to support students with their classwork and assessment tasks.

In Weeks 3 and 4, Miss Meares and Sam worked together to provide significant support and supervision for our Year 12 students with additional support needs to complete their Trial HSC exams. We are so proud of all of our Year 12 students who worked so hard to prepare and complete their exams to the best of their ability.

The TLC has looked very different during remote learning, but we have been lucky to regularly jump into class zooms and work with our RISE staff to run support sessions for students from Years 7 – 12. It has been so great to see so many of our students working diligently online with their teachers. We have also worked hard to contact families for wellbeing check-ins and put effective support in place for our wonderful students who are doing their best in their learning from home.

Learning support when learning from home

Please complete the Learning Support request on Moodle or the WWHS Website if you require any learning support during the remote learning period. Our RISE and TLC staff are available for 1:1 support over the phone, or you can arrange for small group support via Zoom.

Student support on Moodle

Our School Support Officer (SSO) Jen Elhindi, regularly updates the Student Support section on Moodle with useful resources to get us all through remote learning. The Digital Lunch Break section has some amazing activities that cover everything from art to the environment. You may discover a hidden talent or a new hobby!

Check out the daily wellbeing tips on our Facebook page.

R U OK? Day – 9 September 2021

This year’s R U OK? Day message was: ‘Are you really OK? Ask someone today'.

Your genuine support can make a difference to someone who is struggling. Make a moment meaningful and ask them how they’re really going. Your conversation could change their life!

Chalk art by Matilda (Year 7) and Jen Elhindi, SSO.

SSO and School Counsellor referrals

Our School Counsellors and Student Support Officer are available if a student requires support during the remote learning period. Request support by completing a referral form via the link on Moodle.

sail update

It has been quite a learning curve for all students during Term 3 to remote learning. Despite this, all of the students in the SAIL classes have made an amazing attempt to participate in Zoom lessons. Our main focus for zooming is to allow the students to communicate and engage socially in fun and creative ways. The students really enjoy playing interactive online games, quizzes and watching interesting documentaries. The two favourites for SAIL 3 that have kept the class connected and entertained are Minecraft Education and Among Us. It has been amazing to engage with the students in less formal styles of lesson delivery. A lot of the time, it has been the students teaching the teachers. Who would have thought there were so many ways to interact online?

We have been lucky to have Mrs Ryan join our lessons and provide more incredible activities to keep the lessons interesting.

For History, SAIL3 are learning about Ancient China. Additional to their online work tasks, they have been working together in a Minecraft Education World to recreate the Great Wall of China and ancient villages. Here are some examples of their hard work so far.

Minecraft Education World.

What do you miss most about school?

  • R. – I miss being in the classroom and learning about Maths and English. I really miss taking photos in Photography too.
  • M. – I miss getting to be outside with my friends and being in the garden. I'm looking forward to seeing what has grown when we come back to school.
  • J. – I miss our faculty pets, the guinea pigs. I want to see how big they've gotten.
  • N. – I miss being with all my friends in the playground.

Student Focus

Rakesh C.

  1. Something you have enjoyed about the lockdown. "Being able to spend more time at home."
  2. The best thing about learning online/at home. "Not sure, my mum makes me do it."
  3. The hardest thing about learning from home. "It feels like home and not like a school classroom learning environment."
  4. Something or someone who has helped with learning from home. How? "My Aunty Eliska zooms with me and helps me with my Maths."
  5. One thing you enjoy that you have been learning. "I enjoy doing trivia with the class."
  6. Something you miss about going to school. "Seeing my friends!"
  7. Something you appreciate more since being in lockdown. "Being able to spend more time at home."
  8. A message for your teachers and peers. "I miss the laughter in class."

Liam B.

  1. Something you have enjoyed about the lockdown. "Being able to sleep in for longer."
  2. The best thing about learning online/ at home. "You can wear whatever you want (most of the time, a Newcastle Knights jersey!)."
  3. The hardest thing about learning from home."It can be tricky connecting to Zoom for some classes."
  4. Something or someone who has helped with learning from home. How? "My dad has been helping me with the hard copy work."
  5. One thing you enjoy that you have been learning about. "The New Zealand culture in HSIE."
  6. Something you miss about going to school. " Seeing my friends."
  7. Something you appreciate more since being in lockdown. "Not having to get up and rush to school."
  8. A message for your teachers and peers. "Thank you for helping me learn online."

SAIL 2 uses Zoom to engage in learning, connect and talk. The class is exploring Space for Science, Number Patterns in Maths, Short Stories for English with Miss Wratten and have just started diving into New Zealand and Maori Culture with Miss Ryan, who is of Maori heritage. A highlight for the students has been checking in and competing with some trivia to break the week up. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who continue to support their children with their learning. Keep doing your best, engaging in your tasks and stay safe! Mr Katoa.

PDHPE faculty update

This term has been a challenging but rewarding experience for the PDHPE staff and students. Moving to online learning in a quick turnaround is a challenge, but the PE staff have been preparing for this and have spent a great deal of time designing engaging lessons for students, which are posted on the school Moodle page. It is great to see how many students have engaged through Zoom, Moodle and picking up work from the front office. The big challenge for us is how can we still get students to be physically active in a safe and supportive way whilst learning from home. The PE staff have done a fantastic job at designing some great workouts, dance videos, trick shots, and Jersey day promotion. A big shout out to Miss Parker, who has worked tirelessly to make Thursday afternoon sport still relevant in some capacity. Her enthusiasm has hopefully rubbed off on everyone. As a Faculty, we will continue to provide engaging theory and practical learning experiences for all students. Hopefully, we will all be back together in some capacity sooner rather than later. Thank you, S Mason, Head Teacher PDHPE.


Sport has looked slightly different this term, with several events either being cancelled or postponed. We still want to acknowledge our students who were due to compete at State Cross Country at the beginning of the term – especially Year 12 students Sophie Walmsley and Jacob Dundas.

A big thank you to our dedicated U15’s basketball team, who had committed to their break time training with Mr Watts, Mr Sheely and Mr Fens. Some carnivals and gala days are still scheduled for Term 4. We will notify students if events go ahead when we receive confirmation.

We are incredibly proud of all the students at WWHS for engaging and participating in many different physical activities. Congratulations to the students who have received canteen vouchers so far for their participation in Thursday sport challenges. We look forward to seeing more skill and dance moves from students and family members/parents/carers.


Since we have moved online, our RISE staff have been working hard to support our students. We have continued to offer online support by either jumping into class zooms to assist teachers or to deliver small group support via Zoom. RISE staff have also been supplying adjusted hardcopy work to students who may need this and have been completing fortnightly wellbeing check-in phone calls to all students.

For our Year 11 and 12 students, we have also been running online study groups every Thursday from 1pm. Please ask your young person to check their emails if they would like to be involved in this and receive additional support.

Our RISE staff have placed individual case management as a priority during this difficult time because we know that we all learn differently and our students may need additional support to learn from home. If you would like additional academic support for your young person, please don’t hesitate to contact the school and ask for a referral to the RISE team. We will then be in contact to work out how we can best assist.


The mathematics faculty were well prepared for the lockdown, having gained experience from the previous occasion in 2020. This allowed the opportunity to develop lessons on Moodle, the school’s IT platform base. It provides self-paced learning for all levels of ability. These lessons are supported by ZOOM broadcasts, PowerPoint presentations, videos and other support materials. Mathspace is the school mathematics computer program that provides further depth to every student’s learning, whilst Moodle assessments offer an opportunity for students to check their own progress.

The work provided via Moodle is also available in hardcopy versions for students who prefer the traditional pen/paper process. A variety of examples are provided to support and show the various array of mathematical processes used.

Younger students have also had an opportunity to review certain aspects of their education – beneficial to enhance prior learning and understanding. Students in years 9 and 10 have had a focus on algebra and trigonometry whilst senior students have been wrapping up courses and preparing for final assessments. These students have had a variety of methods to enhance their own learning, with revision varying from further development of prior knowledge, review quizzes, prior HSC questioning to timed responses with teachers providing individual feedback to students regarding expected answers in an allocated timeframe.

The school has had contact with all students, finding the preferred learning style of each individual household. Mathematics teachers have also had contact with parents, giving updates on student progress, making suggestions to guide students, providing solutions to any uncertainty and offering lessons to parents, eager to assist their child’s understanding. This has brought back several memories of their own days/successes at school – like the ease of algebra a second time round or Pythagoras and his 3, 4, 5 triangle, as many school leavers applied it in a variety of trades.

Parents can support their child's learning by utilising their mathematics skills during home downtime, which we all need. General discussion or application of mathematical concepts can be used, including shopping lists/bills (money), cooking quantities (including fractions), measurement like basic length, perimeter and area and in a reversal of processes, having algebra lessons off the children. Sibling support is always encouraged.

Perimeter – distance around the outside of a 2D shape, i.e. magazines, table, rooms, backyard

Area – the amount of space inside a 2D shape in square units, i.e. paper, table, rooms, screens – TV, computer, shower.

Enjoy yourself and thank you for the support you are providing. Mr Burns, Head Teacher Mathematics.

shout news

This term we were so excited to launch our new whole school leadership structure within SHOUT! SHOUT stands for Students Helping Others Unite Together. We have expanded and formalised our wonderful student voice team to include Senior Leaders in Year 12, Year 7-11 Group Elected Representatives, Hub Heroes, Sports Captains and Student Voice Champions for 2021-2022. We had an amazing whole school leadership day planned for Week 5 with team building activities, a Principal Masterclass on practical planning skills, a “Plan a School Utopia” activity and exciting ways for students from Years 7 to 12 to bond as peers. Over 75 students from all year groups nominate themselves to be involved in the day and consider formal leadership roles at WWHS.

Unfortunately, with our move to remote learning, we have had to delay our whole school SHOUT launch. We will be back bigger and better than originally planned when COVID guidelines allow. I encourage all those who put their notes in for the first day, to attend the future sessions and get involved in SHOUT when we relaunch!

Pleasingly, we were able to adapt our Senior Leadership process to online learning. We successfully had 26 students participate in a Seminar about opportunities for Year 11 into Year 12. From that, we had 19 students apply for SHOUT positions, 16 for Senior Leadership and 3 specifically for Sports Captain and Hub Heroes. We congratulate all students who were involved in all aspects of the Year 11 Leadership process. The SHOUT team will be in touch by the end of term for our Sports Captain and Hub Hero roles for Year 11. Year 10 students keep an eye out for upcoming nominations for Sports Captains for 2022.

The SHOUT team and current Senior Leaders extend a huge congratulations to the 8 students selected to the Senior Leadership team for 2021-2022. We welcome Levi Stoddart and Montana Stephens as our Captains, Charlotte MacFarlane and Amelia Solomons as Vice Captains and Krystal Bridgman, Jessica Lette, Jacob Radcliffe and Rory-Leigh Spicer as Prefects.

SHOUT is your opportunity to be involved in making West Wallsend High School the best place to learn and grow! We can’t wait to be back soon and welcome our new members from across WWHS! Miss Meares, 2021 SHOUT Coordinator.

P & C Fundraiser

It’s time to help raise some funds for our school with an ONLINE Thompson's Pie Drive! Just head over to Thompson's website and place your order using COUPON CODE WWHS0921.

Minimum order is $50 and will be DELIVERED to your door. If you don’t think you can meet the minimum, pool your orders with family, friends, neighbours or workmates, and nominate one person’s address for delivery. Then arrange your own contactless pickup/delivery

Orders can be placed anytime from Monday 6 Sept until Sunday 26 Sept.

Thanks for supporting our school - WWHS P&C.