Cathedral Candles HAnd Crafted Colored Glass Candle Holders

Hello and Welcome to Cathedral Candles!

Many years ago, my mother started creating these beautiful stained glass candles in her kitchen when I was a young boy. I watched most everything she did to create these wonderful, bright and vibrant candles, from the choosing and purchase of the gorgeous different types of glass she used, her hand cutting and piecing together the designs on each of the glasses, to gluing them on and then grouting the result with various fillers she would come up with to do the task.

She stopped making the candles several decades ago, but I still remember quite vividly how she did it and, of course had my own examples of her work around the house for years. I decided one day to see if I could make one of my own. I found a glass store and bought some amazing glass for the project. Eventually I had a good result and continued to try to get better at it.

Now I have made many examples of my own, and my family and friends have been showered ( loose term..) with these candles for years now! The next step was wanting to share them with others and see if a business of selling them, and other creations I put together would be a thing I could do.

So I started selling them at some beach shows and the like, and they were well received, people actually were talking about them! I then decided to make a webpage to showcase my work. ...and here you are! We've gone digital!

Yes...some of last year's Christmas presents...
These are Pre-grout pieces..the tall one is 10"x3" square and the small is 4" square
Gray and Cobalt Blue 4"
Blue and Green are my favorites
North Side
South Side
This is a Cathedral Candle if ever there was...here's the story.. for my 18th birthday, my mother made me a candle of just Cobalt Blue glass and a few pieces a couple blue shades down from that, on a four inch round glass. (she did know of my blue leanings) I loved the candle and I kept it going for 40 some odd years, until the pieces started to disconnect and fall off from the constant temp variations I guess...I saved all the pieces as the inside glass slowly disintegrated. Finally it gave up the ghost..and this piece resurrects the same glass used on that favorite candle of mine. I added the clear glass, new design and size, as I wanted to add my 2 cents to her past amazing work. Team effort an all..So I named this one "Mom". I know..so original..but it is what it is. and pretty much not for sale!
South Side
Here's "Mom" pre-grout..sorry Mom!
Great for the tub for sure!
Desert colors...
That haze in the center goes away..its the glue that hasn't cured yet...

I will be adding more examples soon...these buttons below will take you to my Etsy Store page, or my Amazon HandMade Store if you would like to purchase any of these if they are available, or I'll create a new one just for you. Thank you so much for being here!

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Mark Martsolf