Christmas around the World.

Kris Kringle travels house on mule or horse looking in the window’s of children’s bedrooms to see if they are asleep. Then if they were good he would put little treats in their shoes.
Martin Luther is often credited with starting the Christmas tree custom. However the first appearance of a Tannenbaum was recorded in Germany many years after Luther’s death.
Great Britain
This is Wassailing. In Great Britain this is a custom and it is also a drink of good health. In Great Britain it is believed that if you drink this you will stop fighting.
This is Great Britain's Santa, they call him Father Christmas. He is a tall slender guy dressed in red. Children give him letters by tossing them in the fireplace. If the draft brings them up the chimney their wishes will come true, if not they try again.
Pere Noel is the gift giver for Christmas in France. The kids in France put their shoes by the fireplace on Christmas eve and on Christmas morning if they were good Pere Noel, would have left them treats in the shoes.
In France they decorate their trees with light up stars. On each branch there is a star shinning as the tree lights up.
These are the Three Kings. In Spain they write notes to the Three Kings instead of St. Nicholas or some Santa figure. Then they put the letters in the shoes and set them on the balcony, or under their bed.
This is what a Christmas feast looks like. On Christmas the people of Spain feast on rice, seafood,fresh fruits,custard apples, and a King's cake.
This is La Befana. She is the one who delivers the gifts to the people of Italy. The legends say that La Befana was visited by the three wise men in look for baby Jesus. It is also said that they asked her to come with her but she replied that she was to busy cleaning.
These are carolers in Italy. In Italy carolers go house to house singing verses hopping that they will revive coins.
This is Sinter Klaas. He is like Netherlands Santa. He goes house to house either dropping off presents or switches.
On Dec. 5th children set their
This is Jultomten. He is Scandinavia's Santa. He is an elf with a long white beard. He also wears a red cap. And he rides on a goat named Julbrok.
In Scandinavia they decorate their trees with glided pine cones, paper mach`e apples, gnomes, birds, and snowflakes. There might even be presents brought by Jultomten.
In Switzerland they celebrate the Pursuit of St. Nichols. This is on Dec. 5th. On this day the people of Switzerland gather to see Father Christmas.
In Switzerland they decorate their trees with gold and silver garland, blown glass ornaments and many more.
This is Babouschka. She has a similar story as La Befana in Itlay. She was visited by a Wise Man but was to busy to help find the Christ child.
This is a Ukraine Christmas tree. In Ukraine they cover their trees with spider webs for good luck.
Mexico flag
This is a poinsettia. It is the most famous Christmas flower originated in Mexico. This plant grows through out most of Mexico.
This is Santa and his reindeer. Santa is the gift giver for the U.S.A and Canada. Santa's reindeer pull his flying sleigh so he can deliver the presents. He gets in a house by chimney.


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