Score 8

Create a readers theater for a chapter in your book. The chapter I chose was 12, we check into CC's spa and resort. I chose this chapter because of all the detail it had about the island. And I think Rick Riordian needed something in between the two times they went to find Grover, and it was something fun to want to read more.

Characters: Annabeth, Percy, CC, and Narrator

Narrator: Annabeth and Percy have been sailing for a long looking for land or anybody who could help them.

Annabeth: Land!

Percy: Do you think they will let use stay.

Annabeth: Every time we have barged in to some random place it has been a trap so be alert.

Percy: We will be fine. Don't worrie.

Narrator: They enter the island dumbfoundedly.

CC: isn't our island beautiful. I'm sure you'll love our lovely spa's

Percy: Wow it is even more cool from the inside.

CC: Annabeth why don't you go get a spa over in that room while I work on Percy because he needs a lot more work then you do.

Annabeth: Thank you but we are not here to...

CC: That room Annabeth hurry up.

Percy: I don't realy need to get a treatment I like myself just how it is.

CC: drink this strawberry milkshake and your pimples will go away, your hair will be trimmed and styled, and your clothes will change.

Percy: Why do I want to drink this, stop controlling me CC.

Annabeth: No, stop

Narrator: Annabeth enters the room and knocks the shake out of his hand.

Annabeth: I have heard of this place and I read that the shakes turn you into a ginnie pigs. Come on we have to get out of here.

Narrator: Percy and Annabeth get in there ship and sail away.


My final chose is a score 2, create a list of 6 thinking steams.

1. Memory moment when Percy said that he has been through a lot with Annabeth. Page 66 2nd to last paragraph.

2. Again and again when something always goes wrong and they nearly escape or win. no page number or paragraph because it is scattered around the book.

3. Ah ha moment when The symbol appeared over Tyson's head that claimed Tyson as Poseidon son. page 64, 7th paragraph.

4. again and again, when Percy kept noticing the birds in the tree's during the chariot race. page 78 paragraph 1.

5. Memory moment when Annabeth told Percy that she was sorry for being so mean to Tyson. Page 166, 4th paragraph.

6. ah ha moment when monsters finally started to attack Percy. page 17, 3rd paragraph.

To finish my totally 10 project I have to right a summary about the book. I haven't finished the book yet so I don't know the solution yet.

It's Percy's final day of school, and it has been a really quite because no monsters have tried to attack him until now. In his gym class dodge ball game new kids that have never gone to this school before turn into cannibals. Luckily his friend Tyson who seems to have inhuman like powers saved him. Then Annabeth comes and tells Percy that the boarders protecting camp half blood have been poisoned and the only way to save it was by getting the golden fleece. They travel with Tyson because they need to figure out how he did what he did. When they get to camp it was chaos because monsters were everywhere. That night he had a dream about his best friend Grover, and he was in trouble but to Percy's surprise the fleece was on the island that he was being held captive. The next morning he finds out a secret about his family.

I would definitely recommend this book and the series the lightning thief to anybody who would like to read it.

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