MIS News October 29th, 2021

**Always be sure to scroll to the bottom of our newsletter for OPPORTUNITIES AROUND MIS, GC, AND THE LOCAL COMMUNITY. This is where you will find opportunities that are being offered in the community such as lacrosse, basketball, swimming and many other activities for your child to become involved throughout the year.


Exceeding Expectations: The following students received five or more positive marks on their Character Card last week. We appreciate them for being respectful, responsible, having a positive attitude and for leading by example.

Paige C., Cash C., James S., Addy C., Andon C., Jackson H., Bentlee H., Alexis K., Lexi K., Carly L., Karlie M., Addi M., Lucy M., Aileen O., Emma H., Evie P., Maxx P., Avery C., Dean F., Molly H., Colin F., Ian C., Trevor L., Carson C., McKenzie H., Jonathon C., Vivienne C., Alyra L., Ali M., Tony S., Fabian S., Jackson U., Dawson B., Collin W., Maddie W., Sylus G., Eli A., Ayden B., Chesney H., Gwen M., Gracie T., Madison L., Madison M., Isabella Y., Olivia B., Jase S., Max F., Lucas G., Riley T., Marshall S., Luci D., Savanna B., Zoey B., Abbey M., Brylee C., Stephen W., Chase A., Lilly M., Parker A., Ava B., Avery H., Bailey S., Addie B., Emma M., Olivia R., Allison S., Jessica K., Josh S., Olivia S., Layla D., Audrey L., Aurora F., Alexis K., Henry C., Hunter P., Will P., Lucy S., Eric S., Willow S., Nick W., Brooklyn W., Grace G., Delanie L., Von Q., Aubrey M., Lacey G., Willa C., Gracie L., & Gracie F.


A few summers ago, we had a large group of staff members meet on several occasions to discuss our old "Behavior Card." The goal was to find a way to make this a more positive communication tool for our parents and students. Each Friday, you will have the opportunity to review and sign your child's "Character Card." This card was created as a scaled feedback tool to provide you with, not only the traditional information you have always received, but also a glimpse into the positive choices and leadership that your child is displaying throughout his/her day.

Knowing this, the office staff is requesting your help. We would like to share with our staff regular, positive feedback from a variety of sources. Please take a few moments and use the link below to provide some encouragement to those folks that are making a major difference in your child's future. These comments can be anonymous, or you can provide your name. The office staff will use the provided comments every Thursday for our #thankfulThursday movement. The attached form can be completed, as little or often as you like, throughout the entire school year. We appreciate your support in growing the culture of gratitude that already exists at MIS!!

A couple of comments that have been shared:

"Mrs. Sincroft, thank you for making math so much fun for me. I can’t wait for when I come back from break."

"I am thankful for Mrs. Rasi. She has jumped in to help not only our resource kids, but all of our 6th grade students. The students & staff are lucky to have her here at MIS!"

Lunch Menu

e-learning day Update

Our first e-learning day is quickly approaching. On November 12th, students will NOT be on site for their school day. Therefore, we wanted to share the following information:

  • Teachers will provide students with lessons the afternoon before via Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will have office hours from 8:30-11:30am on November 12th.
  • Please know your child uses Google Classroom frequently throughout the course of the year so they are very familiar with what they are being asked to do.
  • In addition, teachers will make sure that students know where to access the information they need for this day's lessons.
  • Teachers can be available via email, phone or through Google Meet. Please have your child take advantage of these office hours should they need assistance.
  • Teachers will be participating in building and districtwide professional development prior to and following office hours. Therefore, they will not be as readily available to assist students during this time.

If your child has a technology need on this day, please feel free to contact our tech help desk at 317-477-4111.

Our second, and final, e-learning day of the year will be on February 14th, 2022.

Hancock County Christmas Connection

Christmas Assistance applications will be available from Mr. Scott Stroud, School Social Worker from November 1st-19th.

Families, churches, or organizations who wish to sponsor a family in need should also contact Mr. Stroud.

For additional information, please call Maxwell Intermediate School at 317-326-3121 or email Mr. Stroud at sstroud@gcsc.k12.in.us

National elementary honor society

Maxwell Intermediate School will be starting a chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society next year. We will have our first induction of students in the spring of this year for our returning students who qualify. Specific information regarding qualifications can be found at the links below. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Knecht-Strong ( dknecht-strong@gcsc.k12.in.us), MIS NEHS Advisor.

parent/teacher conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences start next week. If you have not already scheduled a time, please reach out to your child's homeroom teacher. We look forward to seeing all of you over the next two weeks.


Our school will be participating in the SchoolStore program again this year. This online program helps our school earn cash without students selling door-to-door, collecting money or delivering products. Over 400 merchants, including Kohl's, Old Navy and WalMart.com, have joined together to offer up to 50% of sales to our school for shopping through SchoolStore.com.

You shop online for what you are planning to purchase anyway and support our school. Simply go to www.schoolstore.com, select our school (School code: 8981) and let the shopping begin!! Feel free to share with family members and friends.

Maxwell Pick-up/Drop-off

- Doors open at 7:35am for Drop-off

- Pick up - 2:10pm Dismissal

Again this year, you will enter the drive west of the football field off of 500 North (BLUE LINE on picture below). The drop-off point will be located at the northeast doors (Gym). You will loop around and exit onto 500 North. If it is a possibility, we would encourage as many of you to head west on 500 North to eliminate some of the congestion on State Road 9.

Our south parking (ORANGE/RED) lot is for busses only between 7:20-7:55am and 1:35-2:25pm as busses stage there. At any other time of the day, this is used for parent parking. The east lot (aqua) can be used if you need to enter the building during drop-off or pick-up times.

The drive on the far north of our property is for bus traffic only. There should be no parent traffic on this drive at any time.

To best ensure your child makes it to the classroom on time, and safely, please remember the following rules in car line:

School dismissal manager

For your convenience, Maxwell Intermediate School will continue to utilize the an on-line dismissal management system called School Dismissal Manager (SDM). It is dependable, easy-to-use, and can be updated by parents and guardians from the convenience of your smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Through the on-line dismissal management system, you can:

• Report student absences and late arrivals

• Schedule early departures from school

• Schedule after-school activities such as scouting, clubs, and enrichment classes, etc.

• Make transportation changes as late as 1:15 PM on the current day … and so much more!

Please contact the front office at 317-326-3121 if you have any questions or problems setting up your child’s default dismissal or making daily changes.


November 4th & 9th: Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 12th/February 14th: e-Learning Days

November 24th: Teacher Work Day/Flex (No School for Students)

November 25th & 26th: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

December 20th-31st: Winter Break (No School)


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